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The giants serve a unique role in Minecraftia-they live to carry out the will of the Creator. The giants act as ancient guardians whose wrath would bring destruction upon their opponent. In the ancient past, half of the giants across the world rejected Notch's rule, while the other half stayed loyal to him. These rebelling giants were considered to be gods by the Karuta, though many of them were wiped out in the War of Giants. There are currently only five known giants-four of which rest at four sacred locations across the Overworld and the fifth protecting the Monument of Passing.

Basic Information


Giants look identical to zombies. They have green skin color, wear light blue shirts, dark blue pants, and grey shoes. Their eyes and noses are pitch-black and empty.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Giants serve the will of the Creator. They typically watch over locations that are extremely sacred, such as the Monument of Passing.

Average Intelligence

The giants are incredibly intelligent and wise unlike many other mobs.

Civilization and Culture


The giants were first summoned by Steve in order to battle against the Ender Fury.   In order to bring her lover back to life, Senza had to challenge and defeat the Giant that watched over the Monument of Passing.
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