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Ender Fury

The World Eater

An enderdragon that was corrupted by the power of the Command Block. It became a colossal beast that threatened to consume the world of Minecraftia.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Due to its massive size and heavy weight, its wings cannot support it, and so it can't take flight and instead must wander across the Overworld on its legs.

Special abilities

Is so massive that it has its own gravitational field that can pull blocks towards it from a max distance of 347 blocks(this was when the beast was at its densest) ; Can let loose a powerful blast of dragon breath acidic enough to melt through nearly any kind of blocks.

Personality Characteristics


To consume everything.
Chaotic Monsterous
Circumstances of Birth
Entity 303 used the Command Block to spawn an enderdragon, then infused the beast with its power.
Circumstances of Death
Defeated by Steven and the Great Giants of Minecraftia.
40 blocks until death.
Character Prototype
Minecraft: Story Mode's Wither Storm.

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