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Hope Bow

The Hope Bow is one of four sacred weapons and one of two weapons crafted to smite darkness. It was created by Princess Miranda during her battle against the evil Null and has existed throughout the ages all the way to modern Minecraftia. It exists to be the bane of Null. It has the ability to transform any arrow used with it into a spectral arrow that does serious damage to those with evil and hatred in their hearts. When combined with the Arrow of Infinity, it will become the Bow of Infinity, which is the most powerful weapon in all of Minecraftia. The Hope Bow is one of the two only weapons capable of harming Herobrine, however it cannot defeat him without the Arrow of Infinity. It is capable of telepathically communicating with its chosen hero in order to guide them, although it is not sentient. The Hope Bow is the only weapon that does significant damage to Null with a single hit, as it was created to be a bane of darkness. It looks slightly different from a standard bow in that it has a slightly golden pixelated texture across it. The confirmed enchantments the Hope Bow has are as follows: Power and Mending.

Mechanics & Inner Workings

When an ordinary arrow is held to the bowstring of the bow, it will become charged with the holy power of Notch, thus becoming a spectral arrow. If it is brought away from the bowstring, it will return to being an ordinary arrow unless it is fired.

Manufacturing process

Princess Miranda uses the first generation of humans' ability to craft virtually anything she wants, and uses this ability to craft a bow that is infused with the power of Notch.


The Hope Bow was crafted during Princess Miranda's fight against Null. She used it to ultimately bring an end to the evil god. From there, the Hope Bow became an artifact of the royal family and held at the castle for many years, until Notch eventually removed the first generation of humans and replaced them with the third generation of humans. From there, he took the bow and stored it within a custom-made temple to be used as a test to the bow's future wielder.   For hundreds of years, the bow would remain undisturbed, as the temple successfully deterred all who had attempted to take its hidden treasures, until eventually a woman named Alex found the temple and made her way through, solving the puzzles and avoiding the traps, and then finally came across the bow and took it for her own. The Hope Bow would be used in Alex's journey with her brother, Steve, to bring an end to Herobrine's plan to destroy humanity. She would then pass it onto Steve when he would go on into the End in pursuit of Entity 303. Steve used the bow to bring an end to the rising Null. He would then return the Hope Bow to Alex, where she would keep it for much of her eternal life.   The Hope Bow would be gained by David during his journey through time and passed onto Emily, who used it to free a king of Entity 303's influence, as well as in their fight against Entity 303 and the four Nulls. However, this Hope Bow is from a different world, and so there would now be two Hope Bows within Minecraftia.   As of now, that is all there is to the story of the Hope Bow, however, there may be more stories added soon.


A bow infused with the power of the Creator, Notch.
The Arrow of Infinity currently exists exclusively within the Struggle Timeline.
Item type
Weapon, Ranged
Creation Date
Year 312
Related ethnicities
Owning Organization
There is only one until a second one is pulled into Minecraftia through time travel.
Raw materials & Components
Three sticks and three strings.

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7 May, 2022 21:51

"It has the ability to transform any arrow used with it into a spectral arrow that does serious damage to those with evil and hatred in their hearts."   It's like Cupid's bow---except it utterly destroys an individual. Hold on a sec; it could be the same bow. All infused with the power of Notch.

Watchman Deedly -Wizard Extrodinaire and Amateur Wordslinger
7 May, 2022 22:07

I did take some inspiration from Cupid's bow when working on the Hope Bow. I also took inspiration from the Bow of Light. Basically, it's the anti-negativity bow lol