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Stone Kingdom

The Stone Kingdom is the first kingdom to inhabit Minecraftia. The Stone Kingdom would mysteriously vanish once the people began to rebel against the Creator, and all of their creations would mark the world and be places of interest for heroes and villains alike going forward.


The citizens of the Stone Kingdom were highly religious and dedicated to their god.

Cosmological Views

When the Golden One was born, he breathed life into the cosmic Void. He forged the land in the endless abyss, and from him came life as humans and animals populated the world.

Granted Divine Powers

The ability to craft virtually anything into existence, from clocks that could predict the weather to amulets capable of granting life.

142 - 388

Alternative Names
The Lost Kingdom
Successor Organization
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Diamonds, gold.
Official State Religion
Related Items
Notable Members
Related Species
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