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The Prophecy of the Golden Hero

"One day when the darkness returns, seeking to suffocate all life in shadow, a hero shall emerge to strike down the darkness, and bring forth the rays of light and hope. This hero shall be known as the hero of light."

Foretold by Notch, the Creator.


A prophecy that was foretold a century before the evil Null's revival would take place.

Historical Basis

The prophecy predicted that a hero would rise up to stop the darkness from swallowing Minecraftia. It foreshadowed the rise of Steven Block Stonewall.


The prophecy is mainly known by the mayors who run villages. There are a few exceptions to this however, such as Herobrine and his horsemen knowing of it as well.

Cultural Reception

The prophecy was misinterpreted to be one focused on Herobrine as the Dark One, when it was actually focused on Null, the Destroyer.
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