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Harbinger of the End (a.k.a. Entity 303)

Malrus is a being that exists within Minecraftia. He has invaded the Overworld numerous times and been set back or even defeated, and has the support of the Ender's Eye cult that resides in the End.

Physical Description

Special abilities

Has the power of super speed, teleportation, telekinesis, and pyromancy. Is able to change his form at will into anything he has killed. Can force hallucinations onto his victims. Has the power to instantly consume entities by transforming them into raw coding, although this power is countered by any person wielding the Grand Sword or any other item that protects the user against code-based attacks. It is also ineffective against entities that already specialize in defending against code-based attacks, such as Null. If he is angered enough, he can turn his hatred into a blast of malicious programming that can instantly infect or kill anything it hits. Malrus is also unkillable in the sense that his soul is backed up deep within the coding of Minecraftia, meaning that whenever he is killed or erased from existence, he will eventually respawn. When he fought Herobrine, many of these powers were stolen and he became Entity 303 as a result. As such, he can only regain them as Malrus.

Apparel & Accessories

Dons a white cloak that protects him from a wide variety of damage.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

After Malrus was created, he sought to use a Command Block to consume Null, to which he succeeded. He then went on to ambush Steve, seeing him as a threat to his plans. Though he was able to corrupt Steve, turning him into Herobrine, he was ultimately stopped and sealed into the Void. He remained dormant within the Void for many centuries.   Eventually, Malrus-who had lost much of his essence and power and was now the incomplete form that was Entity 303, was awakened by a new Steve, who had fallen into the Void. He attempted to guide the hero out of the Void, and the two would confront a new Null, and barely managed to escape them as Entity 303, having gained Steve's trust, went his separate way from Steve, although he kept a close eye on the adventurer's clash against Herobrine.   Once Herobrine had been defeated and the Command Block he held was taken away, Entity 303 stole the machine from the humans and killed many of them in order to disguise as them during an event that would take place soon after. Once the festival to celebrate the city of Blockholm's completion happened, he revealed himself to Steve once more and used the Command Block to spawn an Enderdragon that he then corrupted and mutated into the Ender Fury, a beast that would spread destruction across the Overworld in its unending hunger.   Eventually, the Ender Fury would be destroyed by the Great Giants of the land, and Entity 303 would take the Command Block into the End, where he would be challenged by Steve, though not before he used the machine to pull Null out of the Void. Before Entity 303 could use the Command Block to devour Null however, Null caught on and sealed Entity 303 into the Command Block. After Null's defeat at the hands of Steve and Herobrine, the Command Block Entity 303 was sealed within would be thrown into the Void, where it would be erased.   Soon after, a ritual done by the newly-formed Ender's Eye cult would bind Malrus's soul to the cult leader, The Red-Eyed One. This would allow Malrus to continue to exist and be sentient as the world changed while his body remained destroyed.   Several centuries later, Malrus as Entity 303 would be resurrected and locate and steal another Command Block from Red City. He would be confronted by David and his companions, though he would successfully manage to fight them off as he abducted David's older sister, Natalia, in hopes of taking her as a sacrifice for Null to accept. He then went to where his cult resided in the Temple of Creation, a temple built in the center of Minecraftia to pay respects to Notch for creating the world. Not long after he was confronted again by David and co, who fought but were subdued by the Ender's Eye. Entity 303 used the Command Block to pull Null into a physical form within the Overworld. Null was angered by being brought to a place within the Overworld where he could not escape, though the offer of a sacrifice was enough to placate him. As Null's guard was lowered, Entity 303 used the Command Block to forcefully consume Null and then opened a portal to a different era in time. As he went through, he was quickly pursued by David and Emily. He would be chased across multiple different eras by David and Emily as he used the Command Block to wreck havoc across the world and consume different Nulls, eventually regaining his former power and becoming Malrus again.   In the final era, one set immediately after the first chunks of Minecraftia had just been generated, Malrus was challenged by the two. Fully content in his power to destroy the world at its origins, he accepted the challenged and fought the two, although his overconfidence became his undoing as he fell to the heroes. Still determined to bring an end to the world, he unleashed the many Nulls from his possession as he perished.   After Malrus's defeat at the hands of David, he would be resurrected as Entity 303 one year later in the original timeline by the Ender's Eye cult after they had taken over the Golden Apple tribe of the Sapia. However, he would immediately be destroyed by Lisra and her fellow lorekeepers.   The following stories are still in the brainstorming phase. Details will likely be added on or changed significantly as time goes on.   Many centuries later, the Red-Eyed One would use a command block to create a Wither and then mutate it into the Wither Storm, a beast that would be released into the Overworld and bring destruction in its desire to eradicate all life.   Centuries later, Malrus was resurrected and entered the Program of the server itself in order to spread his malicious programming across the world in its entirety. All parts of the world save for a few safe zones created by different command blocks were infected. This would last for over a century until Malrus was finally destroyed for good.

Personality Characteristics


To eradicate all life and bring an end to the world of Minecraftia.

Vices & Personality flaws

Is very easily set off. Also very arrogant and discards things as soon as he stops having a use for them.



Evil Monster

Towards Herobrine




Towards Malrus


Relationship Reasoning

Herobrine and Entity 303 have opposing views and goals. Herobrine desires a world at peace, while Entity 303 wants to destroy the world. Entity 303 saw Herobrine as a threat to his goals and went on the attack and Herobrine ended up stealing enough of his powers to seal him within the Void.


Traitorous Villain

Towards Steve



Naive Hero

Towards Malrus


Relationship Reasoning

Entity 303 was not the first friend Steve had made while within the Voidlands, but he was one who had gained Steve's trust throughout their journey. That made it especially heartbreaking when he personally went before Steve to create the Ender Fury and stab him in the back. Once Steve discovered Entity 303's true plans, he knew he had to stop him at any cost. Meanwhile to Entity 303, Steve was always a means to an end. He knew he could not escape the Voidlands without the hero's help, and so he used his manipulative prowess to earn Steve's trust, knowing that it would be required if he was to get out of the Void, not have to worry about Herobrine, and eventually kill the hero himself.


Great Evil

Towards David



Bothersome Warrior

Towards Malrus


Neutral Evil
Current Status
Awaiting for his resurrection.
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Dark Demon/Cloaked Shadow
Year of Birth
Circumstances of Birth
Markus Persson's computer gained malware that infiltrated the server of Minecraftia and became sentient. Malrus was born.
Glowing pinkish red
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pure black skin
Quotes & Catchphrases
My rise will harken the end of times. The house of 303 shall consume all light and hope. The agony of the living is my essence and my minions will feed off the screams of the weak. Notch has forsaken you, and the age of man is soon at an end.
— Malrus's spirit as it possesses the Red-Eyed One
Aligned Organization
Character Prototype
Malrus was created by inspiration taken from various digital horror stories/characters across the internet, as well as mythical demons.


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Aug 17, 2022 21:37 by Nobody liveshere

I like the character. He has a James Bond villain feel about him---wants to destroy the world from his secret underwater base and shield the planet from the sun.