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Command Block

Command Blocks are artifacts of an ancient era in the past. There is little known about their origins in-universe. They have been used to do both good and evil actions throughout the many eras of the world. They are blocks capable of manipulating the coding of the world, making them machines capable of controlling reality.


One Command Block was initially used by Entity 303 to gain control of Null, before he was banished into the Void with the Command Block by Herobrine.   Several centuries later, a Command Block was used by Herobrine to create a portal that led into the physical world of Earth. Later, it would once again be used by Entity 303, who would use it to spawn an Enderdragon and then mutate it into the Ender Fury. He then used it to resurrect Null before he was betrayed and sealed into the machine. The Command Block would be destroyed by Steve by being tossed into the Void.   Centuries later, a Command Block would be used as the entry point for Novus to enter from the programming of the server into the world of Minecraftia.   A couple centuries later, a Command Block would be created using the Altar of the Gods and then be used to transform the wisher, George the dark knight, into an enderdragon. The Command Block would be stolen and used once more by Entity 303, who used it to open portals across time in his efforts to gain control of more Nulls. It would then be used to return Emily back to her own world.   A Command Block would be used by the Minecraft World Government to act as a connection between all different branches of the government's reach in order to pass working laws and be able to perform emergency acts instantly. Lucian in his third life decades later activated Protocol C-164 with the Command Block in order for iron golems around the world to forcefully dismantle the Order of the Stone.   Eventually, two other Command Blocks were discovered and fell under the control of two new nations, and the three would vow not to use them against each other, knowing the risk of mutually-assured destruction should they do so. A Command Block would be used by The Red-Eyed One in order to combine with a Wither, creating the Wither Storm to ravage the world. It would later be destroyed by Tulis using the Grand Sword.   Several Command Blocks would create different safe zones across the Overworld when Entity 303 covered the world in his malicious programming, allowing for the last pockets of humanity to survive.   A Command Block was used by Steve and Alex to summon Novus to restore Minecraftia to its original state after the events of Usurpatorkrig.


The process that goes into building a Command Block is unknown. What is known is that the Altar of the Gods is capable of building a Command Block.
Access & Availability
The command blocks' existence has remained hidden for centuries. Rumors of their existence began to spread after the events in Steve's life. It stayed this way until many centuries later when they were revealed to the world in the era of discourse after one was used by Lucian to use Protocol C-164 to turn all iron golems against the Order of the Stone.
Related Species
It is widely believed by historians that the command blocks were created towards the end of the Ancient Builders' rule. There are several different theories as to how they came into existence, however no one knows for certain which is true. One speculation is that the command blocks were the peak of the Ancient Builders' redstone technology, combined with their ability to craft what couldn't be crafted. There is much supporting evidence to point towards the Ancient Builders being excellent redstone engineers.   Another theory is that the Command Blocks were crafted and left to the Overworld by Notch himself, who gave them to humanity as a test to see what they would do with such machines. The theory is supported by another popular theory that the ancient creator had created Minecraftia in order to experiment with the life that he created.   A third theory, one that became especially popular after the events of Steve's journey, was that the command blocks were brought into the world by Entity 303 during his invasion. This theory has some ground as there are signs that there was a Command Block so far into the past, though some speculate that the Command Block he may have held was unrelated to the others.


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