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The Enderdragon is a beast of the End dimension. It has widely been considered a final challenge for adventurers before they could go down in legend for generations. For every team able to defeat it, there are dozens, even hundreds who have failed to slay the beast. It also acts as a two-way lock. Some enderdragons are raised by the Sapia to keep the Ender's Eye cult out of the Overworld by guarding the portal, while they also keep most people out of the Rened's territory.

Basic Information

Genetics and Reproduction

Upon death, enderdragons will drop a single dragon egg that will hatch into a new dragon if it meets environmental requirements suited for it to hatch. If a dragon egg has been destroyed, or is unable to hatch, the previous enderdragon can also be respawned using the Champion's Resurrection ritual.

Growth Rate & Stages

It takes twenty years for a baby enderdragon to advance to its adolescent stage, and then a further thirty years for it to become an adult.

Ecology and Habitats

Enderdragons typically nests on a massive island that they have claimed for themselves within the End dimension. They will usually spend most of their energy patrolling the island in search of intruders.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Young enderdragons eat a ton of chorus fruit along with meat or fish. Adult enderdragons don't need to eat to survive, similar to many mobs throughout Minecraftia. They get their energy from the essence of the Void beneath the End. They will attempt consume certain intruders however.

Additional Information


An enderdragon can be tamed by seeing a human as its mother when it first hatches from an egg. It will still be aggressive towards many humans, especially if it isn't taught who is a friend by its perceived mother.

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Enderdragons are often used as a source of dragon's breath, an incredibly rare and invaluable potion ingredient. They are also used by the Golden Apple to act as a lock to keep the Ender's Eye cult from leaving the End.

Average Intelligence

Contrary to the brutish nature of the beasts, enderdragons are fairly intelligent. They will encircle their prey and wait for an opening before striking, will let loose end charges to force the prey to flee, and will guard end crystals if the prey attempts to destroy them.

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Enderdragons possess an unparalleled sense of hearing and smell, which they use to know the precise location of their prey at all times. However, their eyesight is bad and can only see entities within 20 blocks. Enderdragons also have the ability to sense using psychic energy their  environment, although unlike the enderman, this ability is significantly less developed.

Civilization and Culture


In Year 252, the war god Venge discovered the Enderdragon and opened a portal to the Overworld, forcing the dragon to go into a frenzy and invade the Overworld. It would eventually be defeated by the man that would become Herobrine.   In Year 681, the enderdragon would be resurrected by Herobrine and submit to him, having recognized the man who had previously defeated him. It would later be defeated by Steve.   In Year 684, the enderdragon would again be resurrected by Entity 303, who would use the Command Block to mutate it into the Ender Fury. It would terrorize the inhabitants of the Overworld before being stopped by the Giants and Herobrine.   In Year 721, the dragon egg would hatch into a new enderdragon, and would be raised for many years by the Sapia before being returned into the End in Year 797.   In Year 1307, the enderdragon would be challenged and defeated by Joseph and the other members of the Star Squad.   In Year 1313, the new dragon egg would hatch and a new dragon would once again be raised by the Sapia before being released by the Sapian lorekeeper Lisra into the End in Year 1357.   In Year 1359, the enderdragon would be defeated by David and his team.   In Year 1366, the dragon egg would hatch and the new dragon would be raised by the Sapia before being released in Year 1416.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

Enderdragons share a neutral relationship with endermen, where the endermen are allowed to live within its territory. Depending on how the enderdragon was raised, it will either be feral and see humans as prey or recognize its own status as a milestone for those worthy to overcome. In the latter case, it fights with its challengers not as a predator, but as a fellow warrior.
Unlike many hostile mobs, the Enderdragon can live a seemingly endless life, as it lacks a despawn timer.
Geographic Distribution
Discovered by
Ironically, despite being widely seen as the final boss of the base game of Minecraft, there is currently no planned written stories in which the Enderdragon is the final boss to the protagonist, excluding David's story on a technicality.

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