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Spirit of Hope

The Spirit of Hope is a special power that only a small handful of individuals has ever been blessed with. It is usually given to the heroes chosen by Notch the Creator or Steve the Patron, however, there are individuals that have this ability without having it be given by divine beings.


Grants the wielder renewed and empowered physical strength, makes them fully focused on the enemy's actions, grants them resistance to many kinds of damage.

Side/Secondary Effects

If the user runs out of exp, the Spirit of Hope runs out and they are left in a vulnerable state where they are physically and spiritually drained.


A purple aura covers the user.


Is powered up by the user's own internal exp bar, which is filled from exp taken from monsters, animals, and many other sources within Minecraft.


Was first wielded by the Notchborn Hero, Keen Davoblock.
Related Deity/Higher Power
Effect Duration
As long as the exp within the user's exp bar lasts, or until the user has stopped fighting.
Effect Casting Time
A user can willingly lend the effects of the Spirit of Hope to those close to them through physical contact, however, it ends as soon as contact is broken.
Applied Restriction
The Spirit of Hope can only be used by the user if they believe either: They are going to die without it, or They have absolute determination to fight a conflict that they need the Spirit of Hope to empower them for.   The Spirit of Hope cannot be used for petty conflicts such as winning a friendly duel or to kill or harm something that could be defeated easily without it.

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