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David claims the Grand Sword!

Life, Achievement/ Win


David enters the temple of the Patron and, after passing three trials of power, mind, and soul, proves himself worthy of the Grand Sword. He claims the blade and officially becomes the Hero of Legacy.

David and Lisra arrived at the temple that housed the tomb of the mortal Steve. It was here that David had to go through many different trials in order to prepare himself for the responsibility of being the one true hero of the Overworld. After he completed them, the way to the sword was unlocked. David reached for the legendary sword, and held it in his hand, and was then suspended as the spirit of the sword dragged him with it and entered the realm of his mind. David was acquainted with the spirit, and learned that they were previously a being known as Herobrine, but now dwelled within the sword to ensure that none who would use the sword for evil would be able to. David had to prove himself to the spirit that he was worthy of wielding it, ending with a duel against it, and then was given the right to hold it. He returned to his body, and raised the sword, officially being recognized as the True Hero of Minecraftia. Lisra, expressing the guilt she had felt over past actions, allowed David a chance to bring her to justice, although David decided to give her a second chance. In gratitude, Lisra gave him her farewell and left, ending their encounter with a parting kiss on David's cheek, stunning the hero, as she returned back to her people after having accomplished her divine mission. David soon had a vision and saw his master, the Spectral Hero, for the first time in years, who said that David had done well to prove himself a true knight and defender of the people, and that he would continue to train him once again.

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