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A Part of the World

By Lisra Felltome

I woke up from my sleep and saw the sun rising from the open window of my room. Then, I got up and stretched my body, feeling the morning energy fill me. Then, I called out to Mom, who was looking through some papers. She looked over at me.   "Good morning, young Lisra." she greeted.   "Good morning, Mom." I said back and then rubbed my tummy. "I'm hungry..." She got up and went through the food chest and pulled out a slice of watermelon and a few glowberries. She then went ahead and handed them to me. I grabbed them and began shoveling them down my throat, the sweetness of the watermelon tasting great even with the sourness of the glowberries. I felt the food become tasty energy that made me want to run around. A burp came out of my mouth without me expecting it, and I couldn't help but chuckle a little bit.   "So, are you ready to head out and continue training?" Mom asked. I looked back at her and nodded. Mom turned towards her blue staff that was standing against the wall and took it with her as she and I headed out of our house and onto the jungle tree leaves that we lived on. I could feel the soft leaves beneath my feet, but they were sturdy enough to hold our home, so they could hold us easily as well. She jumped off the tree and grabbed onto some of the vines. I jumped off too, trying to grab onto some of the vines, but failing. I was caught by her outstretched arm and grabbed onto her back as she climbed down the vines. Once we reached the surface, I followed Mom through our village, waving to some of the passing people and sometimes getting a wave or a smile back. Then, we left the borders of our village and continued deeper into the jungle.   After a couple moments, Mom found a clearing in the woods and gestured for me to stop. I could see a few parrots flying around the trees, looking for their nests. Mom turned to me and sat down with her legs crossed and closed her eyes, holding her arms out. She gestured for me to sit in front of her and I did.   "As you know, in order to unlock the ability to craft what no one else can craft, there must be a strong balance within you." she reminded. I closed my eyes and held my arms out. "You must be in tune with your environment. Feel the gentle breeze pass through you. Listen to the flapping of the parrots. Sense the beating of your heart. Take a deep breath and fill your chest with air." I did as she asked and breathed in. "Now, breathe out. Be rid of all stress and be at peace with your surroundings." I let go of my breath and all my negativity with it.   "Now, imagine that you are not here. You are outside of your body. You mustn't move it yet, otherwise you will return to it. Bring every aspect of your being into one single cube. That cube is your soul, it is everything that makes you you." I relaxed and slowly began to imagine that my body was coming together into a small block. That block then began floating out of and away from my body. I envisioned it moving higher into the sky. I stayed as still as I could.   "Your soul is now one with the world. You are a part of Minecraftia. You are the world... Now, try to imagine that you want to make something, something that you couldn't make before." she instructed. I thought for a moment before deciding that I wanted to make a pearl that glowed with a purple light. "Whatever you decide, you will need to have ingredients to make it. What do you want to craft, Lisra?"   "I want a purple glowing pearl that can light up a cave..." I said, keeping my mind focused on keeping my spirit away from my body.   "Then you will need three ingredients. An enderpearl, a torch, and a purple glass block. You need to manifest them into existence. So call upon the world, have it give you those three." she instructed. I prayed for the world to grant me the three items. It was hard, my mind was beginning to fade, but a moment later the three items appeared right between us.   "Great job, Lisra! Now remember, though you spawned them in, they will vanish back into coding if we don't use them. Now, while being one with the world, move forwards and grab the three items." I struggled to keep my mind focused on what she said. I was getting very exhausted, but I slowly moved forwards and grabbed the enderpearl in my left hand, and then grabbed the glass block. But as I tried to grab the torch, my mind gave out and I felt the soul block rush back into its home, and I began panting heavily as the items immediately vanished.   "I'm sorry Mom... I couldn't... keep going..." I panted. She reached down and put her arm on my shoulder.   "It's okay Lisra, you did your best. We just need to keep training. You will get there soon." She looked up towards the sun, which was leering close to the horizon. "It's getting late, we should head back to the rest of the clan." She lifted me up and held me close to her as she took me back towards the village.


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