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David is guided by Lisra

Life, Relocation


David encounters Lisra, a lorekeeper of the mysterious Sapia tribe, who reveals that she had been behind the tension between humans and the Piglin. David pursues her for several days until she brings him to the Sapia, where he is verified to be the hero of legend. She then guides him to the Grand Sword.

David encountered a girl who introduced herself as Lisra. Much to his surprise, Lisra questioned if he was indeed the hero that was to oppose a great evil in the future. Taking his surprise as confirmation, she then revealed that she was the one who had set the Piglin against humanity. Although he had a crush on the girl, David knew he had to bring this woman to justice, and so he chased after her for several days. Lisra would tease him and further agitate David as every time he got close to catching her, she would pull underhanded tricks to get away, which would often include flirting with the teenaged hero to catch him off guard as she broke away. David would eventually exhaust himself to the point of fainting at night, to which he would be rescued by Lisra and then begin to trust her. Lisra would end up bringing David to a hidden clan of people known as the Sapia, a people who were devote worshippers of the Creator and the Patron. She revealed that she was a lorekeeper of the Sapia, and that it was her path given to her by the Patron to find the hero that would oppose the Great Evil and to bring them before the Elder Lorekeeper. David, more curious above all else, listened to her and went before the elder, to which he was asked many questions regarding his morals and his backstory. The Elder Lorekeeper would then verify that he was in fact the chosen knight of the Patron. David was then given tattoos to show his status as the hero and then sent with Lisra to seek out the Grand Sword, a legendary blade capable of smiting darkness itself.

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