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The Purge War breaks out

Disaster / Destruction


The Purge War would break out all across Diamond Kingdom as an invasion by the Purge Society. Blockfield would be destroyed as Joseph took David and Emily and fled. David's mother would not be able to escape with them.

David became a recognizably heroic individual by the village, but one day, a war was declared between the four cities and the Purge Society, a massive nation made of illagers. The war had begun with the destruction of a village within the Diamond Kingdom known as Toffblock. A raid soon struck the village of Blockfield , and David, Emily, and Joseph immediately fled the village before they could be captured by the general of the illagers, who went by General Dakirus . David's mother was executed upon their escape, to David's horror.   David and Emily's feelings for each other had blossomed throughout the time they spent over the years, and along the way to Diamond City, David confessed his feelings to her, and she returned with her own, and the two became a couple. Along the way, they ran into Andrew after he and his family had moved out of Blockfield, and he joined their team.   Upon their arrival to Diamond City, it was revealed that little remained of the settlement, as the city had fallen to ruin upon being faced with the ongoing illager threat. Joseph took the kids and went onwards to Beacon City. Along the way, Andrew discovered that David was in a romantic relationship with Emily, of whom he had been in love with for years. This would cause much tension between the trio for days until Andrew challenged David to a fight and was defeated.   Upon the arrival to Beacon City, Joseph and David were called to fight on the front lines during a raid by pillagers, and once the battle was over, they went to the head council to work out a plan to defeat the Purge Society. After said plan had to been to launch a full-scale siege upon the illager castle, David, Emily, and Andrew, along with many other scouts, were sent in under the effects of invisibility potions to scout the illager castle. Upon their feedback, a full assault was launched against the fortress, and many people were rescued from the castle, including David's own older sister, Natalia, of which many including him had believed to be dead for years. David would also rescue an allay from the fortress, one that would become his friend. David discovered a giant mech that had been built by imprisoned redstone engineers from the conquered Red City. This machine was the Blockbuster , and it was the illagers' ultimate weapon to destroy Beacon City. General Dakirus activated the Blockbuster and made their way towards Beacon City, being chased by Joseph and Andrew, while David and Emily ascended the illagers castle.   Once the pair reached the top level of the castle, they came face to face with the leader of the illagers that had been behind the war and discovered that it was none over than Lucian, who had faked his own death years ago. David attempted to defeat Lucian, but was disarmed. But before Lucian could kill him, Joseph appeared and tried to convince the leader to stand down and turn himself in, revealing that he had discovered how Lucian had turned Astrid into his own personal warlord. Lucian betrayed his brother and killed him, causing David to lose control of himself and fight once again to defeat Lucian, and had to use the Spirit of Hope to defeat the madman, though he was calmed down by Emily before he could take his life. Then, the knights and commander of the raid broke into Lucian's chambers and arrested him.

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