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David becomes trapped in a coma

Life, Identity


David is knocked out by an enderman in a fight. He is then put into a coma that he eventually manages to escape. Because this event contains an experience spanning multiple decades, details about it are kept out of the timeline of David's life, so as to not overcomplicate the timeline. All the details can be found in the read full story.

David was fighting against a pack of monsters when he got hit hard in the head by the fist of an enderman, knocking him unconscious. The next time he awoke, he was resting in a bed. He had amnesia and couldn't remember anything from before aside from his name. He learned that he had been rescued from an underground cave and was in a village called Visinfeld Village He was greeted by his allay. He encountered the village's inhabitants and grew especially close with one of the town's tree cutters who was also his caretaker-Amy.   David used his combat capabilities to defend the village from a raid by monsters from the forest, drawing the attention of the Children of the Night. A couple days later, the village was attacked by the mysterious group. David fought and defeated The Children, and became the hero of the village. He and Amy were in love with each other, and began dating.   Years later, David and Amy would have a son named Thomas. Throughout the years, he would encounter Herobrine multiple times, although he would be unaware of the being's identity or history with him due to his amnesia. More and more raids by The Children would happen, but David and the villagers would fight them back every time. Amy eventually gave David her necklace as a momento for him to always feel her with him. Years would pass.   One day, right after David defeated the Children of the Night once more, he noticed the white-eyed man once again. The man guided him to ruins that warned him that the world he lived within was not reality, and that he was trapped within a dream before vanishing once again. David was shocked at this revelation and forced to come to terms that everything he was experiencing was a false reality. He was hit with sadness as he came home to his wife and child. A few days later, he dreamt of a familiar voice speaking to him. The voice revealed that he was David, the chosen knight of the Patron, and a hero to the people, who was trapped within a world built by his imagination and influenced by a terrible evil. In order to escape, he would need to defeat the dream manifestations of the demons that haunt him. He learned that these very demons would only appear on the next raid, and he had to defeat them before the raid ended, otherwise he would forever be trapped in this world.   When the next raid came, David searched the battlefield for the manifestations of his own demons, and fought against his fears, his hatred, and his grief. From their defeat, he would be challenged by an amalgamous entity known simply as The Terror, who fought the hero in a vicious battle, although David would come out on top. In an act of desperation, The Terror tried to stop David from breaking out of his coma, reminding him of the life he would be giving up and all the lives he would be destroying. Through the pain, David struck the monstrous entity down, and the next day, David was alone with his son before things began to change. David could feel himself beginning to awaken. With sadness filling his face, held his son close as the boy whimpered, assuring them that they would never be apart, giving the boy hope that it wouldn't be the end. After that, he noticed Herobrine watching him and the two left the dreamscape together.   David awoke in the bed of a mysterious cabin in the middle of nowhere, with no one in site, even his allay seemingly nowhere in sight. He noticed the necklace around his neck and held it, remembering the life he had lived and lost, realizing that he was now once again a teenaged boy and on his own. Clutching the necklace, he promised himself he would live on for the family he had lost. In the distant fog, he would see the spiritual remnant of Herobrine before he vanished into the Grand Sword.

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