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Yet again the time has come to complete WorldEmber. Now, though I've completed Summer camp three times now, I've only managed WorldEmber once. The end of 2019 was fraught with action at work, and with the stress of my FFXIV raid group and the impact of the Australian bushfires, I didn't manage to hit the 10k goal in time. It was close, but in the end, I fell short.   So, it's now 2020. The year's been a colossal mess for one and all. We began the year choking on smoke and ash, and dove headfirst into a global pandemic bolstered by political incompetence near-worldwide. I managed Summer Camp despite getting extremely sick in early July and despite COVID-19's lockdown drastically changing my life. As I write this, my state has only just come out of its most severe restrictions, and we've been presenting at 0 new cases for over 10 days. I haven't seen my family since June: that changes this weekend. Things, at least in Australia, are looking up.   If I could accomplish Summer Camp at the height of the restrictions, then I should be able to manage WorldEmber. Which brings us to this document.  

What will I be focusing on for WorldEmber?

As long-term readers of my Istralarian works will know, Istralar is a world built around my Pathfinder campaign. And oh, my players have been busy. Let's recap some of their antics, shall we? This'll be long, so I'm putting it in a spoiler.   Campaign recap!
They took on the Sapphire Shrine to break into Toraldis Máladeilan's personal base, freeing his banshee lieutenant and turning her against him in the process - all for the purpose of saving Licia Galewen's father, Teras Galewen. With both Teras and the unwitting vampire twink Lukas Falkenrath in tow (they found him asleep in a coffin and, well, kept him?), they dove into an ancient dwarven fort in a tight race against Syrin Elathien's group - a group containing former allies Jinne and Sonja Ilsyth, who they'd met completely separately, and one with heavy ties to the Way of Runeblessed Dreams (of which Jinne was a follower). It should also be mentioned that Syrin himself was once engaged to Licia; an engagement that ended when a splinter faction within the Dreamers manipulated him into killing her entire group, including her, by himself.   The goal of both players and rivals? Obtain the Harp of Virtue, one of the Shards of the Void . Which, after much adventuring, they were forced to do together; the Harp, for everyone's safety, was stored in the demiplane of Azsire. A new figure, supposedly a member of Syrin's team - but one that every other character, friend and rival, seemed to dislike.   Oh, and they breached the laws of time to resurrect Ypolita, a famous Champion from millennia ago. One issue - they didn't resurrect her from when she died. The memories she holds only go up to the point in time that she first encountered the beings that would, supposedly, become the Shards. Months on, the group still don't know how to feel about that.   From there, the groups returned to Ironfalls. Licia, unable to speak to Syrin due to the Shard fight leaving him in a coma, instead developed her romantic relationship with Emperor Aneirin 'Cyne' of Aletheia - drawing the ire of Sonja as a result. Kraia took up with Biach Mugu, druid-wannabe, and much shenanigans ensued with the rest of the group. Including Aniks Alas'thil introducing his older, Nivinle Alas'thil, to the Emperor. I'm sure it's fine to give him more access to assassins than he already had.   But they reached a stopping point in their shenanigans. Their own Champion powers grew when used, but they weren't finding other ways to get stronger - and if Syrin's team were already more powerful than them, what other threats would they face? Spurred on by Ypolita's training and Liese's encouragement, they began to seek ways of getting stronger. And obtained a new member: Malina , Champion of the psychopomp usher Vonymos. No problem for the Champion of a deity of catastrophe to show up at a time like this, right?   In the end, they followed one of Liese's suggestions. Whilst Azsire took the Shard away from the group without anyone stopping him or his team - all who'd left to visit a place called Moonsfall, reportedly on Iskaldhal - the party used a planar travelling fork to get access to the demiplane of an arcane smith. Supposedly, he had access to strong anti-fey weaponry; his mansion would thus provide them with a solid power boost. I don't think any of them expected a tragedy in the mansion. The building is split across at least three distinct demiplanes - one filled with joyful fey, one tainted by undeath and age, and one clouded by dark shadows and death, each seemingly linked to Viktoria, Adelmar, and Ulfric - the three children of the supposed arcane smith. When the unsuspecting party entered via a fairy ring, it tore the group apart, and scattered them all across the mansion's demiplanes. Aniks, Cid, and Celuriel arrived late, and found their friends in disarray - steadily finding each, and awakening them from their slumber to whatever disaster they'd managed to find. For instance, Burdyr Donderiall - now an elf, thanks to an unfortunate death and reincarnation in the Shard fight - had been sat on a fey throne and titled Queen Titania.   And it went alright, finding everyone. Up until the point where they encountered a note from Talindë Ae'tharis indicating that he was ahead of them in searching, aided by the ghost of Viktoria, and he hadn't found them. From then, the party's exploration of the mansion turned slightly frantic - desperately trying to figure out how to unlock and access the smith's basement study with the aid of amnesiac Viktoria herself (and, er, 'aid' of a number of fey who wouldn't leave their Queen alone). Adelmar, middle child of three and just as ghostly, seemed to be more aware of his state and more knowledgeable about their situation: he explained that not only were their ghosts stuck in the mansion, but that the mansion was caught in a cycle. When intruders such as the party died, the mansion would reset. Shortly after, the group found evidence that the father - the smith, the one Talindë had supposedly gone to - was a vampire. Cue gay panic for Burdyr, who very much liked the other warpriest.   As for the oldest brother? Well, he seems to have been turned into some shadowy fey monster. As I write this, on the 11th of November, the party are locked in a fight with him and his allies - icy members of a disturbing Wild Hunt. Supposedly, this fight is their final barrier to unlocking a way down below, and to finally meeting Silas - the father - himself.   Only time will tell what has happened to Talindë. Only time will tell whether letting a suspicious bastard run off with the Shard was a good idea. And only time will tell how the gods view this course of actions - whether they approve, or disapprove. Either way: I have a lot to write.
  Now, if you read all that, then you no doubt understand that I have a lot to write. I can cover the places on Iskaldhal that my players travelled to only briefly, and I can expand on both Aletheia and its rival Medimia as the War of Empires continues to rage. I can write all of the new characters they've met, and all those they haven't - there's so little that exists on the Southern Continent, and most of what's written on Valathe focuses entirely on the two empires with a dash of Gothadrun. I also want to complete the article on avatars, the personifications of the land, as my party keep running into either avatars themselves, or people closely linked to them. My second campaign, when this one ends, will focus more heavily on them, so I'd like to get the preliminary work done now.   To make it easier on myself, I've made a google sheet for tracking what ideas I have, and what I'm doing. I've embedded this in an iframe below. I'm also aiming to get at least one article of every reasonable type written, purely as a personal goal.  
  If you would like to use this google sheet yourself, I have a shareable and copy-enabled version here.

Cover image: Embers, edited by Han by Liam Briese


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