Heretics of Faerun


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Behold the splendor of Abeir-Toril. Land of Realms, Monsters and Mystery. This particular setting is a hybrid home-brew/established setting of sorts, being a persistent ‘Forgotten Realms’ setting circa 1997 (and 1358 DR in-universe) that has been crushed, battered and reshaped in almost every imaginable way. From the slaying of Acererak in my sadistic dungeon-crawling teenage years, through to the slaying of Lolth to free the Dark-Elven zeitgeist, and most recently a cataclysmic war between the forces of the Gods of the world and a resurgent alliance of Batrachi, Slaadi, Aboleth and Titans from the Dawn Wars. The conflict seemed to resolve with the Shutting of the Celestial Gate with both the strongest of the Batrachi and the remaining Gods. To prevent mortal interference or some sort of punishment, possibly even the destruction of all the remaining gods.   Divine magic has been closed off from mortal wielders these past 40 years, and you and your allies are some of the few mortals who have managed to eke out existence as an adventurer in this deadly new world. Hidden sons and daughter of angels, lost and forgotten healing spells, or even artifacts of the forgotten gods. Meanwhile Arcane and Psionic powers have been at the heart of live on this new world, empowering people in the wake of this Godforsaken new reality. Healing is difficult to come by, the Druids and masters of the land are becoming more rare as the ancient Spirits of the Land move towards complacency in the wake of growing forest and marshland. Civilization has retreated, great empires brought low by the new realities of food shortage, disease and permanent death.   Armies are more hesitant and their commanders more so. Vast lengths of country making these cultural worlds more distant and disconnected. Only the great Mages are able to move freely in the world, but many of them have left the world, travelling the Spheres and finding richer and safer realities to call home. You play heroes, of great ability and unique abilities. Great Men and Women ready to face this newer dangerous world. Abeir-Toril is an entire world, but the campaign is hopefully start in the Faerun region, more specifically The Sword Coast. The Sword Coast as a High European Fantasy vibe mostly, but you could also pull farther afield, say the Indo-Japanese region of Kara-Tur, or African and Arabian styled Zakhara and The Shining South, even the Meso-American Maztica and New World-ish Anchorome for a far-traveled character.   Feel free to listen to our Podcast!
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The Capital of the Kingdom of Cormyr, the largest and most populous city in the Dragonmere and possibly all of the Sea of Fallen Stars. Seat of the Obarskyr Royal Bloodline and House of the Purple Dragon.


Ruling over the plains of the southern Dragonmere shore and the Winterwoods, Westgate is a powerful trading hub for the Sword Coast to the Sea of Fallen Stars. From Cormyr, Thesk and the far reaches of Kara-tur, trade floods into the west. There’s quite a lot of trouble with Pirates working the area, giving them a massive navy and mercantile fleet. The city has had quite a few dramatic historical periods; a yellow dragon attack, a kython infestation, and a disasterous trade alliance with Uthgardt. Westgate has a very difficult crime problem caused by numerous criminal organisations and the influence of the Black Lotus. This is also the only major trade port that deals with Damaran Wool and Wolfblauss Wine.   Weather: A balmy 30 to 34 degrees outside, with a cool ocean breeze and nice heat all year round.   Accent: New Yorker accent.   Travel: 3 days to Cormyr, 15 days to Kara-Tur, 20 days to Thesk.  

Institutes of Power

Prince Richmond: The ‘prince’ and countessa rule over the city,and use that power sea trade to control the nearby duchies.   Church of Man: Originally an Uthgaridan belief, this religious group believes that arcane magic caused the Shutting, and that killing spellcasters or magically gifted will solve the problem. They have a wholehearted belief that magic is evil in itself.   Church of Judgement: A belief that it was the influence of shapeshifter and infe rnal bloodlines that caused the Gates to Shut has lead to a clandestine group that hunts and kills these lineages. The more excessive members of the group have also come to the conclusion that any mixed blood is also an affront to the Gods, and these members also attack half-elves, half-orcs, anyone of mixed bloodlines.   Duchy of Vastholme: A castle to the south ruled by the Strahd family, they’ve been making rival agents in the city and spying in their duchy to disappear.   Church of the Moon: Formed from Ex-Harper’s who still believe Mystra is an active but subtle force in the universe. They point to the singular fact that The Weave is still functioning. While they recruit heavily for those of celestial hertiage, they’re willing to play a long-game. Believing that Mystra is being subtle is a clue to them being so as well.   Westgate Arts Council: A collective of theatres, painting galleries and aristocratic venues throughout the city.   Harlequins: A half-bardic college and half-thieves' guild that protects the magical quarter of the city from the theological and other thieves.   Night Knives: A highly skilled criminal organisation that preys upon the gentry.   Moonrakers: A Pirate affiliate gang that terrorises the porters and dock workers.   Zhentarim: An ancient black arts political consortium devolved into a petty tough gang.