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Battle of Bitter Waters

The Battle of Bitter Waters occured in the early 400s DE along the shores of the Silendi River. It was a decisive battle that ended a series of border disputes between Salaris and Eldahi. Factors leading to this conflict include: border disputes, trade and resources, magic beliefs and differences, and more.  
We'll sail Silendi River
Attack from eastern shore
Raid each and every village
'Till Eldahi's no more!

The Conflict


Not long after gaining independence in 394 DE, many in Salaris began to set their sights on expansion and the conquering of what they deemed to be lesser magics. Salarian nationalists wanted to expand Salaris, with the ultimate goal of eventually ruling all of Imbria.   Salarian businesses and leadership wanted more access to the Nolari Forest and the resources therein: lumber, game, various plants for food and potions, Magimandi and their scales, etc.   Fanatical Torvists attacked trade caravans and political envoys. The High Priestess of Torva and fundamantalist believers in the Goddess of Light urged the Salarian government to "liberate the Eldahi People from their misguided ways."   In the months leading to the battle, a series of brutal border skirmishes between Eldahi and Salaris occured all along the border. The worst of the fighting happened just west of Torverath.  
A world of Magic


Weeks before the battle, Salaris pulled back their units and gathered them along the Silendi River. They then sailed the Silendi, crossing into Eldahi.   Their plan was to concentrate their efforts into a single attack. They hoped to win a decisive victory by attacking in large numbers from the shore and with ranged attacks from the boats. Once the battle was won, they could then push farther into Eldahi.   And indeed, Salaris had the advantage in terms of numbers.

The Engagement

The Elder Council of Eldahi anticipated a concerted effort like this from Salaris, understanding the the skirmishes were simply warmup to a larger conflict. As such, the Council also directed the Eldahi Defenders to assemble and be ready to mobilize. Throughout the Battle of Bitter Waters, Eldahi defenders at Sildendi River continued to receive backup.   Eldahi Defenders gained the victory after unit leaders came together to devise a plan. Some units, specifically nomas units, would engage the Salarians directly, keeping their attention. Other entire units would support them with defensive spells. Hidden amongst the trees of the forest, additional units would collectively perform magic together to perform feats greater than any one person could accomplish alone along with simple but effective archers.   They were able to work together to great success.


The attack failed. The Eldahi defended their border fiercely, and Salaris suffered many casualties. Interest in expanding Salaris's borders quickly cooled, and the two nations have maintained relative peace since.  
The bitter waters of Silendi River ran red that day, as many patriot lives were lost to the immoral Eldahi.
— History of Salaris textbook
Conflict Type
Battlefield Type
Start Date
402 DE
Ending Date
402 DE
Conflict Result
Ended a series of border disputes between Salaris and Eldahi

Silendi River
Geographic Location | Jul 24, 2022

A long, gentle river of Imbria rumored to have healing properties




Eldahi - sage.png
Collective magic
Salaris - eagle v.png
Offensive magics
High Numbers


Minimal - moderate


Cede no lands
Permit no invasion into the Nolari Forest
Expand territories
Obtain resources
Nolari Forest
Geographic Location | Jul 30, 2022

A wild, dense forest that spans the center of Wennovi and is home of dangerous creatures and a fiercely independent people

Eldahi People
Ethnicity | Jul 20, 2022

A people who live within a massive forest and maintain an older way of living


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