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The Wall

The Wall is a massive, linear geyser of seawater that is continuously exploding from the ocean between the Drak Isle and Terra Main. It runs perfectly North/South and creates an impenetrable barrier between the landmasses. For hundreds of miles, a wall of water shoots over a thousand feet into the air, creating an intense zone of rain, storms, and waterspouts for a league around itself. Indeed, the foolhardy explorers who attempt to cast eyes on the wall itself rarely do so before their vessels are torn part by the permanent, savage storms that envelope the area. As one approaches the Wall, it appears as a grey haze on the horizon, then one can see the storm clouds and mists it produces. If one sails on, they are quickly swallowed up by the tempest.   Most scholars agree that the Wall must be a massive rift between the Prime Material and the Plane of Water. What caused this rift, and how to seal it, are answers far beyond the capabilities of mortals, it seems.
Gorge / Rift
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