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Farwest Depths

Beyond the foreboding The Wall and past the distant Drak Isle, lies the boundary of the Known World, the seemingly endless Farwest Depths. This ocean stretches beyond the horizon and even the Zamberians have yet to encounter landmass beyond their own in its vast expanse.   Ancient legends tell of mind-boggling depths, eldritch horrors that slumber there, massive monsters that roam the Stygian seafloor, and portals to the Plane of Water. Entire civilizations of undersea creatures are thought to exist there, far from the golden light of the Sun and the prying eyes of surface dwellers.   Crumbling Zamberian scrolls tell of ships falling into the Void, essentially sailing off the edge of the world, but these are considered to be mis-translations or nonsense.   As far as anyone in the Known World is concerned, the Farwest Depths simply continues past the horizon... forever.
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