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The Land of Zamber

An ancient and mysterious land, far from the hustle and bustle of Terra Main, The land of Zamber is ruled by dragons and their ken. Located at the northern edge of North Drak Isle, Zamber is ringed by jagged, volcanic mountains, with only a few hidden or well-defended egresses. Due to its natural geography, its placement on the other side of the Wall, and the draconic fauna that live in the area, Zamber has never been invaded, its monarchs never usurped. Despite the clear influence of Zamberians (Dragonborn), the vast majority of the people living in these lands are in fact, Human, Elven or Dwarven, with draconic Zamberians consisting of only around 10% of the population. That said, they also hold 90% of the political, economic and cultural power, due to their natural charisma and entrenched historical systems.   The center of the massive valley is some of the richest and most productive farm and orchard lands in the known world, through its natural richness and perfected, sustainable farming techniques. A massive natural spring feeds the Moon Pool lake, high in the northeastern plateaus, which in turns feeds the Dyavol river, which spills into the Moon Shadow lake, which finally falls into the Dragon Maw Bay. An alpine forest rings the valley and climbs onto the lower elevations of the ring mountains. The overall climate is unusually temperate and steady, especially for its northern latitude.It is assume that some sort of ancient magic protects the land from storms raging off of the Wall and from winter's chill.   The central road, which leads from East/West from the Dragonspire to Shadowpass Hold, is broad, well-maintained, stone-paved, and constantly in use by merchants, farmers, travelers, and soldiers.


  • Zamber
    The Draconic Kingdom of Zamber
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