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Session IX: Hereditary Adversary

General Summary

After his criminal allies were defeated in battle, Avaahn Casper escaped from the forests and made it to the Reagarrian Wastes on his own. In a meeting with Jako Blackwater, Avaahn relayed what had happened to both Balasar, and now, Daedalus. The two struck up a deal: Jako Blackwater would help break his friends out of the Protectors holding cell he knew they were being kept in, and the Black Dawn would find and eliminate the Slicers. To do this, Avaahn first went to the Black Market to find the most knowledgeable contact of the criminal world; V, the leader of the Church of the Arcane Petrological. V agreed to track down the Slicers as long as the Black Dawn could find information about the most elusive, the spellcaster with the porcelain mask. V seemed to think that she was directly connected to the Protectors somehow. Afterwards, Avaahn and the Inferno made their move to break the Black Dawn out of prison.   After a grueling 5 weeks spent in the cell block, the three imprisoned members of the Black Dawn could suddenly open their cells, as a hole had been blown through the west wall by Jako's ruthless gang. The Black Dawn made their way out of the prison with ease, returning to Valland to collect the information V had been gathering. V was giving them the information one at a time, presenting the following information about the android first:   CDA-2 was the designation code of the android slicer, short for "Criminal Deterrent Android, Mark 2". V had gathered a mass of documents regarding this android, and many of them were in some way tied to Virelios Castellan. V also included a location, either present or former, of the android as a place to start. CDA-2 was to be hunted first, as it could track the Black Dawn the easiest out of any other member.   The Black Dawn traveled to the Ace Arcane Softwares Special Projects Headquarters, notably the company that Jinx "works" for as well as the company that her patron came from. They discovered that Project Cleanslate, the project name for CDA-2, had originally began with a different AI. Inferred to be Jinx's patron, they also learned that the original AI had broken free of its programming. The story that they had found was that Castellan had been technomagically enhancing his daughter to create his perfect criminal. The AI for Project Omniscience, whether motivated by empathy or conflicts with programming, disobeyed its protocol and help the daughter escape, also wiping her memory to protect her from her father. After their escape, however, Castellan tried to delete the AI, only wiping its memory as well as it had anchored itself to the daughter's technomagic enhancements. Finally, they had learned that Castellan had taken the android for himself just a few days ago, and that his company was hosting a gala on the rooftop of his building.   The Black Dawn left for the gala, encountering Castellan's sister, who had supposedly always thought there was something off about Virelios. They had also noticed their former associate Milo Vale playing with the band. To their shock, Virelios Castellan stood atop a balcony to give a toast, honoring his daughter Jinx. Malia Deceit revealed herself, disguised as "Castellan's sister," and chaos ensued. The gala erupted into battle between Castellan, his technomagic constructs, and the Valed Deceit. The Black Dawn ultimately defeated the three of them, leaving Castellan, Vale, and Deceit dead atop the building.   On Castellan's body, they found a giftbox containing a small metal diamond with a tag gifting it to his daughter. The diamond turned out to be a technomagic implant that went into the back of Jinx's neck, containing a state-of-the-art technomagic car in the digital plane that could be accessed with Find Vehicle. The Nightrunner, as it was called, could be called into existence with the cast of the spell, and had an entire gallery of capabilities that Castellan wasn't around to explain. In an effort to destroy everything Castellan built, Jinx tapped into his systems and cast Shutdown, immediately shutting down the entire building. More frighteningly, it also caused a country-wide blackout, also strangely spawning demonic beasts of fire across the entire city.   The newly-named Black Dawn escaped the city with ease on the Nightrunner, as much of the police force were occupied with the hundreds of monsters scattered across the streets.   Grievances: 4
The Black Dawn
Avaahn Casper
Report Date
19 Jun 2020


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