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Summer Camp 2021

Hi it me, Grace! Another July, another Worldbuilding Summer Camp! July comes on the coattails of very many large changes in my life (new job, new house, and new book being written?!) so I'm stoked to see what everyone gets up to this year and I can't wait to see this year's prompts!  

What am I working on?

Each major month-long event of the past two years has developed one or two of the major worlds of the Magic Multiverse: Orkanis in SummerCamp of 2019 and WorldEmber of 2019, Limbo in WorldEmber 2019 and 2020, and Dreandril and Renath in Summer Camp of 2020. That only leaves Earth left as well as the various other non-material dimensions which will be the focus of this year's event! These are all part of the Magic Multiverse world and haven't received any special attention as of yet and are important for fleshing out the settings of my current books and their antagonists.   For those who aren't aware of the differences between real life and this fictional Earth, this is basically an Earth where magic exists but is kept a secret. Systems of Sanctuaries run by the Seven keep the peace, as the demons of the multiverse are very interested in this world in particular. These interface with the Departments of the Seven and the rest of the multiverse in a very complex way.  

How much am I doing?

Diamond or bust, baby! I've completed each competition that's come out since my first Summer Camp so this'll be no exception. As far as when I'll be doing them, I work a 8-4 five days a week job and I'm religiously forbidden to do work on Saturdays so my time is confined to weekday nights and Sunday days. That's all right, as I did WorldEmber 2020 at a faster pace than this! Most of my articles will probably be a bit on the longer end (500-600 words) as I love fleshing out all the details of an article.  

But most importantly of all...

This year's been rough but I'm really hopeful for a great summer camp time, especially as I get to spend it all with all of you lovely people. Every time I log in to this website or visit one of the ASC streams I'm constantly blown away by the warm welcome to every member of the community. I really rely on this energy than I often admit, so thank you!  

Prompt Completion Checklist:

Prompt Number Prompt Reveal Date Prompt Text Template Complete? Prompt Article Created
1 July 1st Describe a building associated with healing the sick. Building Yes Tovenaargenezingsinstituut
2 July 1st Describe a medical condition which is feared by some. Condition Yes Niffing
3 July 1st Describe a new medical cure, treatment or breakthrough. Technology Yes Arcane Transfusion
4 July 1st Describe a species of working animal. Species Yes Fáorhi
5 July 1st Describe an ethnicity whose cultural exports are highly sought after. Ethnicity Yes American
6 July 1st Describe an extraordinary writing tool or type of writing tool. Item Yes Universal Translator Pen & Ink
7 July 1st Describe an area or geographic landmark wrapped in myth, legend or superstition. Geography Yes Mistake Island
8 July 1st Describe a myth about a mountain, lake, cave or other landmark. Myth/Legend Yes Monster of Mistake Island
9 July 1st Describe a myth or fairy tale about a prophecy, oracle, fortune telling or other revelation. Myth/Legend Yes The Mediumship of Daniel Dunglas Home
10 July 1st Describe a festival associated with a celestial body. Tradition Yes Berínawa
11 July 10th Describe an inhospitable region or geographic landmark. Geography Yes The Sahara Desert
12 July 10th Describe a plant or animal that lives in an inhospitable region. Species Yes Amotra
13 July 10th Describe an ethnicity surviving in an inhospitable region. Ethnicity Yes The Underground Kings
14 July 10th Describe an old or ancient organization that still casts a shadow. Organization Yes The Fiery Tongues
15 July 10th Tell us about a lost or ancient language. Language Yes Khthonic
16 July 10th Describe an ancient and/or powerful artifact. Item Yes The Iron of Khthonia
17 July 10th Describe a religious order founded or based in your world’s history. Organization Yes The Order of the Blossoming Almond
18 July 10th Describe a coming-of-age ceremony. Tradition/Ritual Yes The Bath of Blood
19 July 10th Describe a famous letter or message. Document Yes The Shanghai Papers
20 July 10th Describe an often-undervalued but vital profession. Profession Yes Eye Test Specialist
21 July 20th Describe a building associated with crime or justice. Building Yes The Black Oubliette
22 July 20th Describe a renowned pirate, highwayman or other criminal. Character Yes Pedro María Ñancúpel Alarcón
23 July 20th Describe a unit or squad who guards an important person. Military Unit Yes Leafguard
24 July 20th Describe a settlement known as a pleasure town or for louche behaviour. Settlement Yes Merba
25 July 20th Describe a brave hero who hides a secret past. Character Yes Yang Changpu
26 July 20th Describe a romancer, paramour or other amorous individual. Character Yes Meriva
27 July 20th Describe a large business, corporation or trade guild. Organization Yes The Consortium for Magical Trade on Earth
28 July 20th Describe a vital trade resource that supports a settlement or region. Material Yes Flamecopper
29 July 20th Describe an industrial mining, logging or other production settlement. Settlement Yes Grakhnanul
30 July 20th Describe a title which cannot be bought, only earned. Rank/Title Yes Fire Prince 
31 July 30th Describe a bloody coup, rebellion or uprising in your setting's history Military Conflict Yes Farmer's Rebellion of 4E 338 

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Author's Notes

All images used in this article was made by me, EmperorCharlesII, unless otherwise credited.

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