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Pedro María Ñancúpel Alarcón

The Terra Doctrine prevents the selling and presentation of magical objects to mundanes. Many incidents in the past are the basis for this provision, but the rumours surrounding Pedro María Ñancúpel Alarcón might be one such case. A famous fur trader turned pirate, the Chilean swashbuckler may have come into contact with one such artifact, and his attempt to get rid of it might have been the incident that led to his capture and death.  

A Mundane Pirate

Alacrón grew up in a fairly law-abiding way. He first appears in the history books as a sea lion fur trader and cypress logger working the central coast, helping his brother's trading company. At some point - some say out of revenge, others claim he had more monetary reasons - he turned to piracy to supplement his income. He joined the pirate family Nahuelhuén (of whom he was a relative) until their captain's capture in 1879, then kept up this unsavoury occupation with his own crew.   The modus operandi of his crew was to ram vessels to purposefully sink them - after robbing the vessel for its trade goods and "disposing" of its crew, of course. It was one such vessel, the Jilguero, that got him in trouble with the authorities for the last time. After getting captured after a few too many drinks in Melinka, he was sentenced to death by hanging in Castro.  

An Extraordinary Discovery

This part of the story remains shrouded to prevent mundane investigation. Witnesses to Alacrón's drunken tirade in Melinka claimed that he had "come upon something most extraordinarily powerful" in his most recent series of thefts. In addition, brittle letters currently housed in the Castro Sanctuary indicate the possibility of what he found:
December 3rd, 1884: I write to you to tell you of a terrible pirate, Señor Ñancúpel [sic], who...has taken from the remains of the dæmon I battled in Puerto Deseado. He threatened to throw me overboard if I didn't give him the glittering thing around the creature's neck. Praying the item would do the mundane pirate no harm, I let it go.
More modern investigations of the incident indicated that the demon that the sailor encountered in Argentina might have been an assistant to a Lord of the Abyss or something of similar power. If so, the item in Alacrón's possession might have been a magical artifact of immense power. Its whereabouts is something that local mages are currently searching, knowing that any mundane who finds the item first might be in for a rude awakening...
1837 CE 1888 CE
Terao, Chile

Buried Treasure

Rumours surround the death of Pedro Alacrón. Despite the fact that his wife Pabla buried her husband in the Castro cemetery, treasure hunters believe he hid his most precious items either on his person or on one of the many islands of the nearby Guaitecas archipelago. City officials in Castro have long since posted a guard on the cemetery to deter would-be treasure seekers. The remote nature of the archipelago, on the other hand, means that many attempts have been made to try and find Alacrón's secret stash. No one has succeeded in finding any such buried treasure thus far...and the Seven hope it stays that way for their own safety.
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Author's Notes

Much of the information required to make this article is from this Chilean newspaper (in Spanish) who did a segment on the pirate. The rumours about discovering a magical artifact are my own fabrication, however.

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