Kingdom of Akóvónis

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A neighboring kingdom to the north-east of Nimýris.


Assassination of the Nimýric Royal Family

In the year 332 PN, spies from Akóvónis were sent to assassinate the Royal Family of Nimýris. They succeeded in murdering the incumbent king Dérenór de Nimýrhém and his heir Mendesan. Other victims included Mendesan's siblings, his wife Sélétina de Tépinó and his son Sélédinus. His daughter Sémandéa survived with severe abdominal wounds.  

Peace between Nimýris and Akóvónis

The assassination marked the beginning of a war that lasted almost a year. It ended with the capture of the Akóvónic Royal Family. The king who had ordered the attack on Dérenór's family was sentenced to death. However, Sémandéa de Nimýrhém agreed to pardon the rest of his family on the condition that they would pledge their allegiance to the Kingdom of Nimýris. From this point on, Akóvónis provided military support and natural resources to its neighbor kingdom in exchange for protection, access to new technologies and other achievements of the Nimýric civilization.
Geopolitical, Kingdom
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Monarchy, Constitutional
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Mixed economy
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