As the rest of the Crucible becomes a wasteland of sprawling mega cities one planet remains more than 80% still wild. Daxu which has a long tradition of being a centre of spirituality has never been cracked for colonisation, the towns and cities that do exist on Daxu are ringed with great concrete walls and permanent plant suppression systems around them.   The story goes that the planet itself is resisting attempts to industrialise, foundations have to be dug extra deep to stop roots from growing into concrete and extra precautions have to be taken against flora and fauna that seem to only want to return settlements to there natural state.


A planet mostly covered in forests with a few pioneer settlements dotted around. The largest city Jadetown can be seen from space by the vast tens of metres thick concrete wall around it followed by the 100m wide 'burn zone' of dead plants, every year the forest grows back and shows no signs of abating.   Towards the equatorial zones there are vast areas of dense Jungle which seem to blend with the Forest, these are the wildest areas of the world where the atmosphere is thick with humidity and only the most hardy of life exists. There are rumours of lost tribes of peoples living in the equatorial zone but expeditions to find them have so far turned up nothing.   The polar zones go from temperate to tundra forests with armies of evergreen pine trees growing from whatever flat land they can find.

Natural Resources

A world predominantly covered in trees the major export is of course Timber, various grades are produced from bulk amounts of sawdust and fuel pellets to fire furnaces all the way up to artisan grade furniture is all produced in the mills of Daxu.   Daxu is also known to contain various seams of Red Amber which are concentrated towards the polar regions, there have been recent expeditions up there to uncover how much Amber is there but so far no more or less than any other planet barring Feanor.   Toward the Jungle areas of the equator in the deepest basins signs of Oil have been found and some small settlements have been created there to explore this, Oil being second only to Amber in importance as a commodity.


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