Jadetown is a city of two halves, originally one of the enchanted glades lovingly tended to by the followers of The Dragon it has now changed beyond all recognition after The Daxian Enclave, the ruling government decreed to build a new city above the old.   Jadetown is named for its overall green colour and the great Jade pillars holding up the new city. On the ground the ruins and remnants of the Old City dot the forest floor delicately intertwined between the trees and hills, people still live here however with the lack of natural light the trees are mostly sickly and the air quality is extremely poor with the overall humidity of the area.   Dotted around the old town are great pillars of Jade some 10 meters thick and about 100 meters high carved intricately with motifs of dragons and swiffers and other deep dark forest denizens. Resting on the pillars is the upper town, well above the canopy of the forest where the air is clear and the sun bright. It is here that the architecture is mostly glass and open spaces with an attempt to mimic natural styling.


Largely a Wood Elf and Halfling stronghold but in the last 400 years the population has diversified as the digital age has taken over.


Jadetown is the seat of The Daxian Enclave, ruling government of all Daxu.


Jadetown is protected by Llanotan Enforcement Incorporated patrols for civil protection. Due to the deep-rooted belief in pacifism from the era of the Druids Jadetown has a


Jadetown's main trade is as the administrative centre of Daxu, the planets trade bureau, central courts and space port are all located in Jadetown.
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