The Witchwood in antiquity was a land famous for wizards and sorcerers, it boasted some of the more powerful arcane users on Daxu, however now it is all but abandoned. This is due in part to the drying up of magic and lack of general industry, what has been left behind is a mess of ruined towns and villages that have all virtually been swallowed up by the regrowing forests, one can wonder through the area and be in the middle of an old town of thousands and not realize.   If one looks hard enough you can find evidence, be it an old wall or a peculiar square section of forest, there are many trinkets and things to be found here. There is a thriving business in recovering old artifacts from the area for display in some of the more up market houses on Daxu.   There are many ancient creatures living in this area and unbeknownst to the general population of Daxu there are small pockets where magic survives, far enough away from the influence of Red Amber.


A twisted gnarly forest of ever changing paths, one of the defining features of this area is that although you may find a clear path one week, by the next week it could be overgrown to the point that it is no longer there. The area actively seems to resist cartography attempts.

Fauna & Flora

Some of the oldest trees on Daxu exist here, core samples suggesting some of the trees in the heart of this forest are thousands of years old.

Behind the GM's curtain...

As this place is still magically infused, attempts to use Technology (powered by Red Amber) attract a b to all checks.
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