Red Amber

Originally this stone was found only on Feanor in pure Red form, in ancient times it was known to power such marvels as the original Sanctuary Station above Titan and the mythical city of Alfheim on the lost world of Agartha. Nowadays there is allegedly no pure Red Amber left in the world, the only Amber that is mined now is interspersed with flects of Gold and Black Amber, no one quite knows what the Gold and Black does to the Red Amber but the fact remains it still outputs energy.   The Amber powers everything in the modern world, from sand sized particles powering the movement of your digital wrist watch to the great Reactors that power the cities and InterFleck information grid. Amber works as an alchemical battery that stores magical energy, modern technology harnesses this to convert it into electrical energy and thus powering everything.   Since the fall of the light pockets of Amber have been found on virtually every world in the Crucible but remaining particularly concentrated on Feanor still. It is one of the most precious resources in all the Crucible.  

Behind the GM's Curtain...

Black and Gold Amber work together to suppress the two main forms of Magic in the world, Arcane and Divine respectively. Pure Amber works as a magical boost to all things but the 'corrupted' Amber suppresses all magic, so as technology grew magic gradually died off. Now the only place that pure magic still exists is in the depths of some of the more backwater worlds of the crucible.
Red Amber
First found on Feanor by the Dwarves of Titan in the path of the Light.


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