Frozen Jungle

The Frozen Jungle around the Northern pole is considered one of the natural wonders of Daxu, the trees and undergrowth are all plants best suited for tropical climates, great canopies of Rubber trees and banana trees overshadow this area. By all scientific reasoning they should have died off in the cold long ago however they seem to be flourishing, various expeditions have been sent to figure out why the forests are like this but nothing has ever been proven.   The average temperature of the Frozen Jungle is around 3°C, far too low for these tropical trees to survive, curiously when the trees are moved from the extreme cold to the warmth near the equator the plants degrade very quickly, suggesting some environmental factor of the north keeps them happy. Even more curious is the fact that when they come into contact with modern technology they seem to wither and die at an accelerated rate, this has baffled scientists for years.   Apart from the strangeness of the plants, the other striking oddity is the distinct lack of animals in the area, the Jungle is eerily silent at times when the wind stops, something keeps the animals away, and many settlers have always professed a distinct unease in the area.


A frozen wasteland of Jungle with an interesting variety of plant life and rolling hills, towards the centre of the Jungle it gets remarkably more adventurous with hidden valleys and cliffs. One thing is certain though is that it is extremely cold and many have perished after having been caught out by the biting winds.

Fauna & Flora

A diverse amount of jungle trees and vines swing freely in this area, as mentioned before they should be dead in this cold but somehow they survive. The only curious effect having been seen is that they wither away from modern technologies.
Forest, Jungle (Tropical)
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