Black Rain Forest

Black Rain Forest lies in a particularly low area of the planet, the average height across the basin is -30m, due to the geography of the area many many rivers pass through the area keeping it constantly fed with water and nutrients. This confluence of circumstance has led to the Black basin being an abundant source of life over the aeons.   Even in ancient times there were stories of it 'raining black' in this particular basin, ancient alchemists knew that if they could bottle the rain it could be used for something, on first experiment they found it was a type of oil, and applying it to armour plates helped keep them rust free and free moving.   In this modern time of industry they have found that the Oil can be refined and broken down into petroleum, processed into plastic and used for all kinds of items. The first commercial oil sites were set up many years ago but due to the location and problems associated with getting set up in a marsh drilling has progressed at quite a slow pace.   Most sites found the initial outlay of setting up on the swamp to be prohibitively expensive, in fact the most successful sites thus far are the ones that have shipped mass amounts of soil from elsewhere on Daxu and built artificial islands in the swamp.


A hot and humid swamp filled with some of the most damp conditions on Daxu, fruit and vegetables left outside rot at twice the normal rate and concrete virtually never sets. Great cypress trees flood the area and the only areas above ground are quagmires of mud teeming with fungus and vine.   Some of the most upmarket houses in this area are encased in glass domes and monumental dehumidifiers keep the house dry to a reasonable level.

Fauna & Flora

With the environment of Black Rain Forest being waterlogged and humid it has a tendency to be full of all kinds of interesting insects and creatures adapted to the waters.   There are various shoals of freshwater fish in amongst the swamp as well as some larger more crocodile like reptiles.   Plants wise there is a prevalent theme of fungi and mushrooms in the darker areas of the swamp along with drooping willows and other swamp like plants.

Natural Resources

As previously said, the biggest natural resource here is the Oil beneath the surface, over the past 20 years companies have come along with permits to drill for the oil. Fortunately for them the current that pushes through allows all the waste to be taken out to the sea.   Other than the Oil some of the rarer mushrooms and fungus dotted around the area are farmed for there medicinal uses along with recreational uses.
Wetland / Swamp
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