Bran Grove

Bran Grove is a relatively new settlement, it has only been around for 18 years and was founded on a mandate by The Daxian Enclave to prospect for oil, initially they had no luck however after plumbing the darkest basins of the area they struck a considerable amount of oil. Now the entire town exists to keep the oil wells working, ancillary industries such as brothels, casinos, shops and other leisure areas have been built in the area.   More labour is now required to clear more area around the settlement and a border wall is being built to keep back the encroaching jungle. Every day the flora and fauna grows bolder and begins to trespass on the town limits.


A diverse mix of Dwarves and Gnomes mostly working for the Bran Oil Concern who have come from Refuge on Titan. Other races like Orcs, Humans and Elves have a presence too but they are there pushing the ancillary industries.


Ruled overall by the Daxian Enclave but day to day town ruling is by the Director of Bran Oil


At the moment a meter, three meter high thick concrete wall around the settlement keeps most things at bay, plans are in place to expand this. Bran Oil also pays for a militia to defend the settlement and provide law enforcement.

Industry & Trade

Primary industry is the extraction of crude oil, secondary trade is shops and leisure facilities.


Powered by several Red Amber reactors that power everything from the oil wells to the houses. There are also collossal pumps that pump the extracted oil along a long pipeline to a nearby peak whereby the oil is kept in tanks for passing Tanker Voidships to take away.


The town is in an artficially cleared area at the bottom of a basin, the area is typically quite swampy.


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