The Daxian Enclave

Daxu in ancient times had always been ruled by the most wizened clerics and druids of Hern & The Dragon, this worked quite well until the gradual decline of magic with the introduction of Red Amber.   As the power and influence of the gods began to fade corresponding with the urbanisation of the settlements of Daxu the Government became less about the needs of the religion and more about the people. Thus anyone of 'elder age', a term still ambiguous to this day could apply to be on the Council of Elders and help rule Daxu. Traditionally each settlement would send a number of representatives equal to 1 in 500 000 people, currently there are 51 elders in the council.   Daxu over the past 15 years has become subject of a mini-gold rush as Oil is discovered in the Jungles, the Council of Elders have put out tenders for corporations to raise new settlements to tap these resources with the government offering tax incentives in exchange for investment.   The Council elects a representative from within there ranks, this person is called Father or Mother depending on Gender and is the figurehead and supreme leader of the Enclave.


51 Elders organised into Secretaries of State, Foreign Affairs, Defence, Home, Education and Health.

Public Agenda

To promote Daxu as a centre for colonisation and ensure the smooth running of public services.


The Daxian Enclave tend to try and subcontract out as much as possible to keep running costs low, the Law enforcement is naturally done by Llanotan Enforcement Incorporated and various other services are provided by corporations. Daxu has no standing army or even a militia instead relying on the fact that it is a relatively sparsely populated planet.


Originally Daxu was a utopia for the more nature minded souls of the crucible, it used to be the site of many glades and shrines to Hern & The Dragon but as Red Amber took over there influence dropped significantly. Now Daxu is as civilised as any of the other worlds of the Crucible.
Governmental, Senate/Parliament
Controlled Territories