God of the Hunt and the Harvest  


Hern has faired as badly as the rest of the gods, no longer do they raise hunts in his name due to the vast urban nature of most worlds, there are some out in the wildest colonies who still give thanks to Hern when coming back from hunts and tracking but really it is more of a good luck charm than worship. The only place where some belief trickles through to Hern is with the frontier farms where each year ate the harvest a small portion of grain or produce is left out to spoil for Herns favour, this is usually a token apple from many bushels or a handful of grain from several acres, again more as a good luck charm.  

Ancient Times

Patron of the Wood Elves but worshipped by many who found their home in the wilderness. History is chequered with rumour and myth that Hern himself wandered the lands disguised as a hooded masked figure constantly seeking new challenge. Paladins, Priests and Monks of Hern made up some of the greatest trackers, woodsman, hunters, survivalists and trappers across all nations. Farmers would leave a small portion of the Harvest for Hern every year leading to the Harvest festival.

Divine Domains

Food, Nature, the hunt

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Wheat and a Scythe, or a tree.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

The power of Nature over all.

Divine Classification