Gilded Coast

A planet that is entirely covered in forests and jungles values open land above all else particularly for farming. In ancient times the farming and food on Daxu was managed by the Druids and the glades, while no archaeological ruins have been found of these places it was said they had abundant fields full of food that served the entire population. However now with the rapid urbanisation and upward building of the modern world food has become a scarcity.   Food has been imported via the space routes for decades but just over sixty percent of the food is grown on Daxu, and that is grown usually in the tropical areas in specially cleared areas of land. One particular area of this land is the Gilded Coast, officially The Daxian Enclave have declared the entire island a restricted area for development purposes, it has one of the most one sided ratios when it comes to buildings vs farm-able land in fact the densest concentration of the buildings is towards the border with the Encroaching Grove.   Here at the 'border' where there is a very shallow area of swamp between the grove and the Gilded Coast they constantly have to burn back the approaching mangrove in the brackish water between the two lands. This is a constant battle with it growing back at a speed you can see weekly, Daxian scientists are worried that if left unchecked it would rapidly take over the Gilded Coast and the arable land would revert back to its ancient forest routes.   As well as the grown crops there are plenty of animals kept on the island, as each plot is allowed to lay fallow between seasons they are tended to by vast herds of cows and sheep and other animals that fertilise the plots and take care of any roving weeds and remaining crop left over from the harvest.


A rare sight for Daxu the geography of the Gilded Coast is plain, in every sense of the word, the average height above sea level here is ten meters with an average across the area of eight meters. It is a flat grassy land that has been perfectly worked for farming.   Scientists have seen that the prevailing sea currants keep warm air and nutrient rich water pushing against the island keeping it well stocked. Each plot is divided into ten acre squares growing crops from wheat up to specific strains of rape that are used in bio-oil production.

Fauna & Flora

The vast majority of the flora growing on the island has been introduced by the Farming communes that run the plots. The only natural plants left are the sea-grass on the coast, and even those are farmed for artisan furniture.   Fauna wise there are plenty of cows and sheep on the island being a cheap source of fertiliser, weed killing and meat.

Natural Resources

The food grown there is by far and away the most valuable resource on that island.
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