Bran Oil Concern

Bran Oil is a new company hailing from Titan, they had heard that the next great material rush was going to be on Daxu for Oil. A group of Dwarves and Gnomes financed and kitted out an expedition to one of the deeper jungle basins on Daxu and after several months of painstaking exploration they struck what they believe to be a significant quantity of oil.   While on the face of it they are strictly in this business toe extract oil they do maintain a group of mercenaries and archaeologists on the payroll, to this day no one knows why.


Headed by a Director and a board of trustees who each own a well.

Public Agenda

To extract oil from Daxu


Several export ships and the town of Bran Grove.


Funded by Lethaw Banking Guild as an expedition on Daxu 20 years ago.

Guild, Craftsmen
Subsidiary Organizations
Controlled Territories

Debtor to the Bank

The Bran Oil Concern owes a considerable amount of money to the Lethaw guild for funding the expedition.