Lethaw Banking Guild

The remnants of the church of Lethaw having found new meaning in the modern world, Churches of Lethaw were originally in banks and trading houses and to fund them they took on banking responsibilities, this has evolved over time and now LetBank is the largest banking corporation in the entire crucible. There meteoric rise to power has been on the back of the CredChit which they freely distribute, they take a 0.0001% cut of all transactions conducted by the chits and even this is enough to fill there coffers.   Nominally headed up by a full board of trustees they have banks and presence in virtually every settlement in the crucible, they provide honest banking to all.


Board of trustees with a CEO.

Public Agenda

To facilitate banking for all peoples of the Crucible


Many thousands of banking houses and vaults, they also maintain a private fleet of vessels for protection.


The churches of Lethaw slowly overtime lost the religious worship and became dedicated to finances only.

Financial, Bank
Controlled Territories

Debtor to the Bank

The Bran Oil Concern owes a considerable amount of money to the Lethaw guild for funding the expedition.