Daxian Honest Haulage Incorporated

Despite the dubious name DHH originally started as an actual honest haulage company, they specialized in getting high-value goods from Daxu to where ever they needed to be in an expedient and discrete manner. DHH would ferry priceless art, vintage wines, artisan foods and other expensive items on 'sprint traders' ships designed with speed and small cargo in mind.   The company was founded approximately 185 years ago and for the first 50 or so years it managed to keep itself in the black and generate a modest amount of profit, but with the rise of the Age of Information and the rise of mega-corporations like Sun Spire the company found itself slowly but surely muscled out of the haulage business as they could not compete with the low cost of other companies sprint services. It seemed quite unfair, they would use their bulk haulage tariffs to subsidize the sprint services and thus operate at a loss just to push other companies out.   With the discovery of the Void Mysticeti came an opportunity, retrofitting their ships with great gas powered harpoons they joined the first 'scientific expeditions' to capture the Mysticeti above Daxu, after some time the existence of Mysticeti Oil, or Mystic-Oil was discovered and subsequently outlawed. DHH found itself on the brink of bankruptcy, that was until some prominent members of The Daxian Enclave approached DHH and offered them a letter of marque to unofficially gather Mysticeti for oil harvesting, the oil being an expensive commodity in the high end performance machine and cosmetics markets. In return for bringing the oil to the market DHH was offered a cut of the profits and also immunity from prosecution.   The current owners of DHH snapped at the deal rationalizing that at least it kept them in business, wrestling the moral implications of hunting an intelligent species over keeping themselves in a house and keeping themselves fed.   Now the DHH operates as the premier unofficial Mysticeti hunting organization in the crucible, as they have grown as a company so have their methods. Their ships now resemble great barbed harpoons, a great example being The Expectant Kill, designed in such a way that they can harpoon the largest specimens with the ships themselves. This in addition to the normal harpoons these ships carry filled with toxic poisons taken from some of the most poisonous animals found in the Black Rain Forest means they are exceedingly good at bringing back back Mysticeti.   The secondary market they have found themselves in is good honest pirating, harpooning small ships and shaking them down for cargo leaving no survivors. No one to this day has been able to prove that the DHH are one of the largest pirate organizations but it is generally an open secret. The only place they do not stray near is Leonis, this is due to the absolute black and white mentality of Llanotan Enforcement Incorporated. If DHH ships are caught within range of Leonis then they are dealt with, no quarter given. This has meant that DHH operates exclusively around and near Daxu.


Several dozen ships ranging from small two man patrol craft all the way up to great harpoon shaped haulage ships fitted with dry-docks capable of 'processing' many sizes of Mysticeti and bringing back only the valuable oil.
Guild, Privateers
Organization Vehicles


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