Volantis is 95% Ocean, the largest single island measures about 40,000 square kilometres, roughly half the size of Ireland, because of this and the presence of the Sea Elves the people of the planet have always been nautically minded.   In ancient times Volantis was a normal Earth style planet but with the Light bringing water, gradually over time the water flooded the lands and cities until nothing remained of the surface except the highest peaks of the mountains, now the lonely islands.   With the discovery of Red Amber and the Invasion of the Nayoman many settlements were built underwater, initially constructed by the Sea Elves and then made habitable for surface species. Now these cities vary from beautiful gardens of Geodesic domes with great open spaces to dark damp industrious cities concerned with the extraction of magma and minerals near the planets crust.   The surface is still very much populated as well, great city sized vessels anchored to the sea floor float serenely in place offering access to clear blue sky.   There is an unofficial class system in place on Volantis with the lower and working classes living underwater, the middle class living on the city ships and the richest living on actual land.


An Ocean world with very little land.

Natural Resources

Geothermal vents provide abundant mineral and heating supplies.
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