Since ancient pre-light times the world of Leonis has been controlled by the church of Llanotan, it is a world of Law. Now that none of the churches are as big as they were Lllanotan has now come to mean the law system administered by its Judges and Enforcers. Leonis is a very productive world with a diverse industry, everything from petrol to computers are created in the mega cities of Leonis, all the while citizens are watched at all time by Llanotan Enforcement Incorporated.   While there is an elected government on Leonis it is no secret that actually Llanotan is in control. The world is roughly divided into two separate distinct districts, the 'upper' and 'lower' cities. Any citizen who has not committed a crime may choose to live in the Upper cities whereby they have access to all the health, education and social apparatus they need to thrive. This includes children of criminals who are not branded by there parents actions, when a child is born to a criminal the parents have a choice of giving them up for adoption in the Upper city or keeping them.   The Lower city is full of everything from petty criminals to the unjustly punished, it is generally where all the menial labour is performed, factory workers and unskilled labour comes from here. More skilled jobs, or generally those requiring formal education are reserved for the Upper city residents.   Corruption is the worst crime imaginable because it undermines the entire justice system, the minimum punishment is death. The maximum punishment is branding with an unbalanced scales of justice on the face, this brand banishes you to the lower city and forbids any from offering aid to the branded leaving them to eke out a life on the very fringes of society as a social pariah.


A relatively balanced world, it has its areas of cold mountains on the poles and its areas of desert on the equator, it's ecology is as varied as Earths.

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