Nyx is the land of the Blood Elves and those they have enslaved, the only centres of population lie on the equator where the temperatures can reach as high as +10 degrees celsius. The rest of Nyx is entirely inhospitable to life and only the most hardy creatures and plants can exist anywhere near the poles.   They absolutely do not allow off-worlders and the planet is patrolled by Blood Elf hunting packs mounted in agile sky ships, those who enter the planet outside the official neutral zone are destroyed without mercy or excuse.   The only limited trade that goes on is between the Dwarves of Titan for Red Amber in exchange for various precious minerals only found in certain areas of Nyx.   Very little is known about Nyx society.


A frozen wasteland populated sparsely along the equator. Rumours persist of vast underground cities deep in the dark close to the planets core where there is warmth, but no one has come back to report whether this is true or not.

Natural Resources

Some precious alloys of metals exist only on Nyx, these are used to power experimental devices the Dwarves are developing on Titan, and as such only they trade with Nyx.
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