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Durfaehn (Dur-FAYN)

Located among the peaks of the Frostridge Mountains of northern Imera, as well as the caves below it, Durfaehn is the ancestral home of the Dwarves. Having first been established in the First Age, Durfaehn is one of the oldest civilisations on the continent, with a considerable amount of history held within its borders, and the halls of its cities. Despite the harshness of its environment, and its turbulent history, Durfaehn still stands as a powerful nation, a testament to the resilience of the kingdom itself, as well as its people.


The people of Durfaehn greatly value self-sufficiency, a strong work ethic, and resilience. As a result of these traits, many of the Dwarves of Durfaehn are both strong warriors, as well as expert craftspeople. The people of Durfaehn are also well-known for their openness and honesty, though this has resulted in many outsiders generalising them as being very blunt. Additionally, leaving behind a legacy is a highly valued trait, with many great wonders constructed in pursuit of this desire.


Thanks to it's location in the mountains, the kingdom of Durfaehn has a booming mining and stone-cutting industry, which forms the backbone of Durfaehns economy. Additionally, this location ensures that Durfaehn is easily defensible against outside invaders.

Demography and Population

The population of Durfaehn is almost exclusively made up of Dwarves.


The kingdom of Durfaehn encompasses most of the Frostridge Mountains, as well as some of the caves and tunnels of the Dark Hollows beneath the mountains. Durfaehn lost much of its territories within the Hollows during the Goblin uprising.


The kingdom of Durfaehn has an army consisting of infantry and missile units. Due to their preferred tactic of fighting defensively, combined with their naturally heavy physiology, the Dwarves have a strong focus on heavily armoured infantry and artillery. While mostly focused on infantry and artillery, the Dwarves also have a small cavalry division, which uses large goats as mounts.

Technological Level

Durfaehn makes use of Magitech, mostly in their infrastructure and industry. Like anything crafted by the Dwarves, Dwarven Magitech is built with durability and practicality foremost in mind.

Foreign Relations

Durfaehn is on good terms with the human kingdoms of Ulfgard, Athenor, and Myrell, as well as the Orc nation of Ordan, though they are wary of the Elves. Additionally, the Dwarves have mutually belligerent relations with the Goblins, which are traced back to the fall of the old Dwarvish Empire.

Agriculture & Industry

Most of the agriculture of Durfaehn is done in either mountain valleys, or underground plains with fertile earth. Due to its location in the mountains, Durfaehn has the strongest mining industry on the continent, harvesting stone, gold, metals, and jewels.

Trade & Transport

Trade between Durfaehn and other nations is done through the settlements close to the borders, and in easily accessible terrain. Durfaehn also has a network of stone roads to facilitate travel between the various cities.


All Dwarves are educated in schools local to their area. Education begins at 6 and ends around 18, with subjects including the history of the Dwarves, the history and stories surrounding their most notable individuals, and literacy. In their later years, Dwarves often pursue higher education in universities, which also includes an apprenticeship in industries like mining, stone-carving, smithing, and engineering.


To assist with life in the mountains and caves of their homeland, the people of Durfaehn have constructed a number of lifts, railcars, and furnaces.
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
Power Structure
Unitary state
Economic System
Mixed economy
Like many of the major nations of Taeva, the kingdom of Durfaehn uses the currency of Royals when dealing with outsiders, though they also make use of their own currency of Runars.
Major Exports
Due to their large mining industry, Durfaehns exports consist largely of stoneworks, metals, and precious stones.
Major Imports
One of Durfaehns biggest imports is lumber, due to lacking ready access to it in their own territories.
Legislative Body
All laws are made by the High King.
Judicial Body
It falls on the Clan Lords to enforce the laws in their lands.
Subsidiary Organizations
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Neighboring Nations
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Organization Vehicles
Notable Members
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