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Hailing from the cold lands of Ordan, the Orcs are a hardy race of humanoids from northern Imera. Due to the harsh conditions of their homeland in the early years of their people, the Orcs have developed a reputation as fearsome warriors and raiders, something that's coloured the perception of other races for generations. While modern Orcs have long since left their raiding ways behind them in favour of a more peaceful way of life, they are still a formidable people possessing an indomitable spirit and a strong desire to excel.

Basic Information


A very similar body to that of a human, except for being very strong and well-muscled.

Genetics and Reproduction

An Orc baby takes around 8 months to fully gestate.

Growth Rate & Stages

Infancy: 0-3
Child: 4-12
Adolescent: 13-16
Young adult: 17-23
Adulthood: 24-55
Elder: 56+

Ecology and Habitats

Orcs can handle all of the same environments as their Human cousins, though they seem to prefer cool to temperate environments, like those of their homeland.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Orcs are omnivorous, and store their food in granaries and storerooms.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

Very similar to humans, with the only real exceptions being slightly pointed ears and prominent "tusks" on the lower row of teeth. Additionally, hair colour tends to be almost exclusively black or dark.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

Orcs can be found throughout Taeva, though the majority of them are found in their homeland of Ordan.

Average Intelligence

Average, on par with Humans

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Orcs have senses similar to those of humans, though they also have a slightly better ability to see in the dark.

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Orc names, much like their language, tend to have a hard sound.
Male: Gunug, Dregu, Cagan, Ahzokk, Zaru, Juron, Orgoth, Kogan, Maletur, Bogakh
Female: Glasha, Bashuk, Rali, Shagar, Zona, Aro, Kishe, Dura, Yotul, Tagorva

Beauty Ideals

Orcs consider a strong, well-built physique and a strong will attractive.

Gender Ideals

Due to their at times harsh environment, orc society expects all members, male or female, to be able to contribute, showing no particular favour to either gender.

Courtship Ideals

While either gender can propose to the other, it's usually the male that does so, usually after proving their worth in some way.

Relationship Ideals

Orcs are monogamous, and both partners are expected to contribute equally to the relationship.

Average Technological Level

While the orcs understand the workings of Magitech, they make little use of it, believing it to make things too easy, thus depriving them of the ability grow and improve themselves through their own effort. Their current technological level is roughly Late Medieval era equivalent.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Orcish, Common

Common Etiquette Rules

It's common etiquette in orc society to show respect to those who've earned it through their deeds, and to push each other to better themselves.

Common Dress Code

Orc clothing tends to be simple and utilitarian, and is often made from thick, sturdy material.

Culture and Cultural Heritage

Due to how harsh their environment could be at times, the Orcs had to quickly learn how to survive in such adverse conditions. Many Orcs today are thankful for this, as these experiences have helped to shape them into the strong and hardy people they are now, a trait they take great pride in.

The early history of the Orcs was also plagued with conflict, both among the various tribes and outsiders. While this did bring a good deal of strife to them, it also helped to shape them into strong, disciplined warriors. Even today this reputation remains strong, and though they're much more open to peace now, the Orcs still take pride in maintaining their strong martial traditions.

All of this ties into the Orcish desire to improve themselves. Whether it's for survival, battle, or any other aspect of life, Orcs are constantly driven to be the absolute best they can be at whatever task they are committed to. Because of this constant desire to excel, Orcs hold themselves to a high standard on what they can accomplish.

Interspecies Relations and Assumptions

While the Orcs are willing to interact with outsiders when necessary, they prefer to stay in their homeland, to avoid conflicts. In spite of this, the Orcs do have a strong alliance with the Drakai, due to their shared drive to excel and their strong sense of honour.
75 years
Average Height
Male: 6'4" Female: 6'2"
Average Weight
Male: 88kg Female: 79kg
Average Physique
The average Orc tends to be very well muscled
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Orc skin colouration ranges from green to greyish. Additionally, they have also been known to tattoo various markings on their bodies for a variety of purposes.
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