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Plains Orcs

Plains Orcs are a subgroup of Orcs native to the lands of South Ordan, and found throughout the rest Ordan, and some parts of Ulfgard. While still holding to many of the martial traditions of Orckind, the relatively more hospitable nature of their homeland, as well as their proximity to a major human kingdom, has resulted in Plains Orcs also dedicating themselves to more peaceful pursuits, producing some of the best bards, artists, and diplomats among the Orcs.

General Appearance

  Plains Orcs generally have green skin, black or dark brown hair, and dark green or dark blue eyes. They also stand several inches taller than most humans, and have a well muscled physique.


Major language groups and dialects

Orcish, Common

Culture and cultural heritage

Due to the lands of South Ordan being relatively warmer and more hospitable than those of North Ordan, Plains Orcs are more pastoral than their Frost Orc cousins, with farmers and herders being a common sight. Additionally, due to their proximity to the human kingdom of Ulfgard, Plains Orcs also interact with humans much more frequently, a trait which has influenced their culture and society.

Shared customary codes and values

Plains Orcs value personal strength and self improvement to the same extent as the rest of Orckind, though this isn't restricted to martial matters among the Plains Orcs. Additionally, Plains Orcs believe strongly in supporting each other and their communities, though their proximity to the human kingdom of Ulfgard also made them more open to cooperating with outsiders as well.

Common Dress code

Plains Orc clothing is commonly made from fur and leather much like the clothing of Frost Orcs, though cloth is a frequent element as well. Additionally, Plains Orc clothing is more lightweight compared to that of their Frost Orc cousins, due to the warmer climate of their homeland.

Art & Architecture

Plains Orc structures and settlements are predominantly constructed from wood with a stone base for support, with a simple but sturdy design. Additionally, stone buildings are more common among the Plains Orcs compared to the Frost Orcs, especially in areas near the Ulfgardian border.

Funerary and Memorial customs

Burials are the most common form of funerary rites practised among Plains Orcs.
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