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Located in the cold and mountainous north-western region of Imera directly west of Durfaehn, Ordan is the homeland of the Orcs. After fleeing their home on the continent of Aesuth, this land was where the Orcs first made landfall on Imera, and where they would build their new kingdom. Though the land may be hard and at times unforgiving, the Orcs were nonetheless able to carve out a life for their people here, and were made all the stronger for it.


The people of Ordan place great value on personal strength, due to the hardships they've had to face since the land was first settled. This focus on strength has, unsurprisingly, served as the basis for the Orcs martial traditions, which are still regarded of some of the strongest such traditions on the continent. It's also the source of the Orcs drive to seek out challenges to pit themselves against in the pursuit of self improvement.


Due to being so close to the mountains, particularly the Ridgeback mountains, there are a number of easily defensible settlements and forts in Ordan, as well as some good places for mining. Being located along the northeastern coast, Ordan also has one of the largest navies in the north, and a thriving fishing trade besides.

Demography and Population

The population of Ordan is almost exclusively made up of Orcs, though some humans do live in South Ordan, as well as part of North Ordan, and there are a few Dwarves in the settlements near the Durfaehn border.


The nation of Ordan consists of the cold lands of North Ordan (including the Frostlands), and the (comparatively) warmer plains of south Ordan, both of which are divided by the Ridgeback mountains. The western fringe of the Cenliath Mountains also extends into the eastern reaches of Ordan.


The nation of Ordan has a standard army with heavy and light infantry, cavalry (mounted on either horses or Direwolves), and missile units.

Technological Level

The Orcs make little use of Magitech, with it largely being limited to timekeeping and heating in the larger cities. This largely stems from the Orcish culture, which emphasises self improvement through overcoming personal struggles, and thus believes that the usage of Magitech would deprive the individual of the chance to grow through their own effort.

Foreign Relations

The nation of Ordan is on good terms with its neighbours, particularly the Drakai of Dranya, and most of the nearby human kingdoms. In regards to the other nations and their people, Ordan has a neutral view of them.

Agriculture & Industry

The majority of Ordans agriculture is based in South Ordan, and the majority of its fishing is done along the coast of North Ordan. The presence of mountains along the borders has also allowed for he development of a sizeable mining industry, mainly focusing on mining iron for the smiths.

Trade & Transport

Trade with other nations is done either through the settlements of South Ordan, or through coastal settlements along the Nordunr river. Ordan also has a network of dirt and cobblestone roads connecting the various settlements to one another.


All Orcs are educated in a local learning hall, the size of which depends on the size of the settlement. Education begins around the age of 4 and ends at 16 or 17, and covers such subjects as the history of the Orcish people, the history of their native clan, and the most significant myths of their people. Additionally, in the later years of their youth, Orc youths will begin recieving training for their occupation of choice, usually farming, herding, fishing, or smithing.
Geopolitical, Country
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
Power Structure
Feudal state
Economic System
Market economy
Like many of the major nations of Taeva, the nation of Ordan uses the currency of Royals.
Legislative Body
All laws are made by the High King.
Judicial Body
It falls on the Clan Chiefs to enforce the law among their people.
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations
Related Species
Related Ethnicities

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