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Orragh (or-RAH)

Located just south of the Ridgeback Mountains, Orragh is the largest Orc city outside of the capital of Azgral, and considered by many to be the informal capital of South Ordan. Being located so close to the borders of the Orcish territories, Orragh has become a major centre of activity between the Orcs and outsiders, particularly Humans. Thanks to its trade and political connections with Ordans neighbours, as well as the rich resources of the surrounding lands, Orragh has grown into one of the most prosperous and influential of the Orc cities.


The population of Orragh is mostly made up of Orcs, with a third of them being Plains Orcs. Orragh also has one of the highest non-Orc populations in Ordan, with the majority of them being Humans (mainly of Ulfgardian descent, though some Myrian humans aren't uncommon either) and Dwarves. Some of the most common occupations practised within the city include merchants, diplomats, craftsmen, and bards.


Orragh is directly ruled over by the High Chieftain, who also has influence over the surrounding smaller settlements and their Chieftains. All taxes collected within the city are used to maintain the cities infrastructure, with a portion being regularly sent to Azgral as tithe, and the remainder being kept in the local treasury.


Orragh is surrounded by tall stone walls, and sits on top of a large hill. Additionally, the Ridgeback Mountains to the north and the Frostridge Mountains slightly further to the east limits the directions from which the city can be attacked, and the nearby fortress of Ard Krogvak can provide reinforcements if the garrison isn't enough to hold the city.

Industry & Trade

Orragh is a major centre of trade between Ordan and Ulfgard, and to a lesser extant, Durfaehn. Additionally, Orragh is surrounded by a number of farmsteads.


Orragh has a network of stone roads running throughout the city, and connecting it to the other nearby settlements of South Ordan. Additionally, Orragh has a large marketplace, as well as numerous workshops, and the hall of the High Chieftain.


The Marketplace

Located in the centre of the city, this is the centre of trade within Orragh, and where the majority of its businesses can be found. Due to its central location, the Marketplace also serves as a hub for various other activities within the city, most commonly announcements.

The Farms

  Located in the fields surrounding the city, the farmsteads of Orragh form the backbone of the cities agriculture industry. Thanks to its high output, the farmsteads of Orragh are also responsible for providing most of the food of South Ordan.


Orragh has numerous trade connections with Ulfgard and Durfaehn, a healthy mining industry from the nearby Ridgeback Mountains, and a strong farming industry in the surrounding lands outside of the city.

Points of interest

The Hall of the High Chieftain: Located at the northeastern end of the city, this building is the seat of power for the cities High Chieftain. While built in the same style as other Orcish Great Halls, a number of Ulfgardian architectural influences can be found in its design.

Orragh Marketplace: Located in the centre of the city, this is the economic heart of Orragh. It's here where trade between Ordan and Ulfgard takes place, and where most activity within the city takes place.


Thanks to its relatively close location to the borders of Ordan, Orragh sees plenty of visitors from other nations. Among those who visit the city, the majority tend to be merchants and diplomats, with some using the city as a stopping point on their way to North Ordan.


The buildings of Orragh are built from wood and stone, and incorporate a number of architectural elements from the neighbouring Human kingdom of Ulfgard.


Orragh is built on a grassy, hilly field, with the Ridgeback mountains visible a short ways to the north, and the Frostridge Mountains to the east. While the southern half of Ordan is warmer than the northern half, there is a small layer of snow in the surrounding area most times of the year.


Orragh commonly has mild summers and cold winters, though the winters here aren't as long as they are north of the Ridgeback Mountains.

Natural Resources

Orragh is surrounded by plentiful land for farming, providing food for both the city and most of southern Ordan. Additionally, the city harvests wood from the nearby forests, and stone and iron from the nearby mountains.
Large city
Owning Organization


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