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Myrians are Humans native to the lands of the human kingdom of Myrell. Among the various human cultures of Taeva, Myrians are renowned for their pursuit of knowledge, their skill with diplomacy, and their skill with magic.

General Appearance

  Myrians are typically fair skinned, with eye colours in shades of blue, green, and brown, and brown, black, and blonde hair (though red hair is also an uncommon hair colour).

Naming Traditions

Feminine names

Daniella, Rosalind, Sybil, Juliana, Hayleigh, Alice, Emma, Kathrin, Lynnette, Breanna

Masculine names

William, Kieran, Nicholas, Simon, Tibault, Connor, Isaac, Roth, Adam, Peter

Family names

Barrett, Smith, Harper, Amberfield, Clayden, Davenport, Townsend, Morley, Ward, Kent


Culture and cultural heritage

Myrians place great value on knowledge, particularly in regards to the study and usage of magic, with numerous learning institutions being found throughout their homeland of Myrell. Additionally, due to sharing a border with a number of other kingdoms, the Myrians have also become adept at diplomacy.

Common Dress code

Myrian clothing is made of cloth, with the clothing of the upper class being more lavishly designed and containing more embellishments than the simple clothing of the common folk.

Major organizations

Encompassed species


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