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The Heartland of Humanity

Situated in the grassy fields of central Imera south of Ulfgard, the kingdom of Myrell is one of the largest and most prosperous of the human kingdoms on the continent. While the various other human kingdoms are largely considered their own separate entities, Myrell is still acknowledged as something of a central authority among them, particularly among the kingdoms neighbouring it.


The people of Myrell value knowledge, with many being well versed in numerous subjects, including history, literature, and the sciences. This also extends into the subject of magic, with Myrell producing the majority of mages of human descent. Since they share a border with several other human kingdoms, Myrell often sees many visitors from beyond its borders, making it one of the most multicultural of the human kingdoms.


Since the kingdom of Myrell is located in an area of Imera that largely consists of fields, it's rich in farmland, giving it's citizens enough to eat, and enough to trade with the neighbouring kingdoms. Additionally, its centralised location relative to most of the surrounding human kingdoms gives Myrell access to a large number of trading opportunities, contributing greatly to its wealth.

Demography and Population

The population of Myrell is largely human, with almost a third of the human population having ancestry in the surrounding human kingdoms, though people of other races aren't uncommon.


The kingdom of Myrell occupies central Imera, an area largely made up of grassy hills and fields. Additionally, Myrell borders the Elderwood to the west/northwest.


The nation of Myrell has a standard army with heavy and light infantry, cavalry, and missile units. Additionally, Myrell has the largest and most diverse collection of magic using forces among the human kingdoms.

Technological Level

The nation of Myrell makes wide use of Magitech, mainly for timekeeping and large-scale industry in the larger settlements.

Foreign Relations

Myrell fosters strong relations with its neighbouring kingdoms, and has a cautious but open view of other nations.

Agriculture & Industry

One of the most prominent industries in Myrell is its agriculture, aided by the vast fields on which fertile farmland may be made. Myrell also has many industries in the larger cities dedicated to the construction and maintenance of Magitech. Additionally, there exists a small logging industry in the areas bordering the Elderwood, though not quite to the same extent as Ulfgard.

Trade & Transport

Trade with other nations is largely done through the border settlements, and due to its central position on the continent, Myrell has one of the strongest trading industries in Imera. Myrell also has a network of stone roads connecting the various settlements to one another, with smaller settlements using dirt and cobblestone roads.


All citizens of Myrell are educated in schools local to their area. Education begins at 6 and ends around 17 or 18, with subjects including history, literature, mathematics, and the sciences. Additionally, Myrell is regarded as being a centre of learning for magic, with many schools dedicated to developing ones spellcasting ability, as well as understanding how magic works. There are also a number of colleges in the larger cities for those who wish to pursue a higher education.
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
Economic System
Market economy
Like many of the major nations of Taeva, the kingdom of Myrell uses the currency of Royals.
Major Exports
The kingdom of Myrell primarily exports common magic items, as well as surplus wheat and produce from the harvest.
Major Imports
While they do have a small industry for it themselves, the kingdom of Myrell still imports Faewood from Ulfgard.
Legislative Body
All laws are written by both the current monarch and the Supreme Judge.
Judicial Body
While the monarch has a small part in upholding the law, it ultimately falls on the Judges to do so.
Controlled Territories
Related Species
Related Ethnicities

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