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Valtea (VAHL-tay-AH)

Located within the grassy fields of central Imera, Valtea is the capital of the Human kingdom of Myrell. Thanks to its place as the centre of power for the Myrellian monarchy, as well as its many trade and political connections with the surrounding cities and kingdoms, Valtea has grown over the ages into the most powerful and prosperous city of the kingdom of Myrell. Additionally, due to Myrells place as the unofficial central authority among the human kingdoms, Valtea also enjoys a place as perhaps the most influential Human city on the continent of Imera.


The population of Valtea is mostly populated by Humans, though members of other races (most notably Elves and Dwarves) aren't an uncommon sight within the city. Among the cities population, some of the most common occupations include merchants, scholars, diplomats, and artisans.


As the capital of Myrell, Valtea is directly ruled over by the currently reigning Myrellian monarch. All taxes collected within the city are used to maintain its infrastructure, with the rest being stored in the treasury.


Valtea is surrounded by a tall stone wall, which can be manned with armed lookouts during times of conflict. Additionally, there's a large garrison of guards on standby. In the event of an attack, the majority of the cities defenders will be concentrated around the two gates at the east and south of the city.

Industry & Trade

Valtea trades extensively with the rest of Myrell, as well as the surrounding kingdoms. Additionally, there is a strong farming industry in the surrounding area.


There is a well maintained network of stone roads running throughout the city, connecting the various districts with one another. Additionally, there are a number of markets and workshops within the city, as well as a large square where business is mostly conducted and announcements are made, and a large garden.


Market District

Located in the eastern part of the city, the Market District contains the majority of large and small businesses, as well as taverns, within the city. Due to its place as the centre of commerce within the city, as well as it being the first part of the city newcomers are likely to pass through when they enter the city, the Market District is a place of constant activity.

Garden District

  Located in the western part of the city, the Garden District, as its name implies, contains a large garden/park constructed for leisurely use. The park is open to all citizens, and often hosts a variety of events.

Crown District

  Located in the central area of the city, the Crown District serves as the place of residence of the most influential of the cities citizens. Due to the majority of the cities upper class residing here, this is also one of the most well guarded areas of the city. Besides the homes of lords and wealthy merchants, the Crown District is also the home of the Valtean Palace, the home and seat of power of the Myrellian royal family.


Besides the Royal Family, Valtea is also home to many members of Myrells upper class and nobility, contributing greatly to the cities political influence. Additionally, there is a large marketplace within the city, and there is extensive trade going through the city.

Points of interest

Valtean Palace: Located within the heart of the city, the Valtean Palace is the home and seat of power of the Myrellian Royal Family. It's within the walls of this palace where the Myrellian monarchy holds court, and where all future monarchs are crowned.

The Grand Garden: The defining feature of the Garden District, the Grand Garden is a large garden/park located within the western section of the city. Constructed with the aid of the nature-aligned Cernai, the Grand Garden offers a quiet, scenic place for visitors to relax. Due to the gardens size, it's also played host to a number of events within the city.

The Royal Market: Located within the Market District, just outside of the Crown District, the Royal Market is the largest marketplace within the city. It's also often here within the square where important announcements are made.


As the political and economic heart of Myrell, Valtea draws in visitors from both within and without its borders, nobles and diplomats, to merchants, to artisans, to sightseers.


The buildings of Valtea are built from wood and stone, with sloped tile roofs.


Valtea is surrounded by grassy fields with some hills, with a river running past the city.

Natural Resources

Valtea is surrounded by arable land for farming, and gets wood from the nearby forest.
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