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Valtean Palace

Located within the heart of the Myrellian capitol of Valtea, the Valtean Palace serves as the centre of the Myrellian monarchies authority over their lands, as well as their place of residence. Having existed for almost as long as the city of Valtea itself, the Palace has grown from a simple castle into a shining symbol of Myrells prosperity and influence.

Purpose / Function

The Valtean Palace was constructed to serve as the seat of power, and residence, of the reigning monarch and their family. It's also here where diplomatic audiences between Myrell and other nations are often held.


Having existed for almost as long as the city of Valtea itself, the Palace has undergone a number of alterations, including the addition of new areas, expansion of existing areas (most notably the courtyard and library), a gradual shift towards a more artistic architectural style, and the addition of various artistic fixtures ranging from paintings to sculptures.


The Valtean Palace is predominately constructed from white stone, with blue sloped roofs (or conical roofs for towers) with gold trimmings. The interior of the palace contains blue and white walls, ceiling, and tiled floors, as well as white wooden doors with gold trim and large windows, and areas considered important (such as the throne room, great hall, and library) are built to be large and spacious. There's also a large courtyard located in the front area of the palace which contains a large garden and a fountain in the centre, with a gate that serves as the entrance to the palace grounds.


As the centre of Valtea and the kingdom of Myrell, the Valtean Palace is the site of a number of great events that could draw in a crowd, including coronations and ceremonies preceding or following major celebrations, though these are often confined to the courtyard. Beyond that, the palace also draws in nobility from across Myrell and beyond for social and diplomatic events.
Alternative Names
The Royal Palace, The Palace
Parent Location
Owning Organization


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