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Located in the cold lands south of Ordan and Durfaehn, the kingdom of Ulfgard has long been a kingdom of warriors and survivors. Existing on the northernmost frontiers of human civilisation, the people of Ulfgard have had no shortage of challenges to overcome, both from the land itself and their neighbours. Nevertheless, the people of Ulfgard were able to overcome these challenges through their strength and tenacity, and become a prosperous nation.


The people of Ulfgard value strength and self-sufficiency, traits born of the challenges they've faced in their early history of living in the outer reaches of human lands. As a result of these traits, many Ulfgardians are skilled hunters and trackers, as well as some of the fiercest warriors among the human kingdoms.


Due to its proximity to the The Elderwood, as well as a few other smaller forests, Ulfgard has a strong lumber industry.

Demography and Population

The population of Ulfgard is predominantly human, though there are some Orc populations near the Ordanian border.


The kingdom of Ulfgard includes the land along the along the southern border of Ordan, and most of the southern reaches of the Cenliath Mountains. Additionally, Ulfgard borders the Elderwood to the west.


The nation of Ulfgard has a standard army with heavy and light infantry, cavalry, and missile units.

Technological Level

Ulfgard makes moderate use of Magitech, mostly for heating, timekeeping, and industry in large settlements.

Foreign Relations

Ulfgard is on good terms with most of the nearby human kingdoms, though they do have a rivalry with the kingdom of Athenor. Additionally, while the nations of Ulfgard and Ordan were once wary of one another, relations between them have improved greatly over the centuries, with the two nations existing on much more agreeable terms.

Agriculture & Industry

The majority of Ulfgards agriculture is done in the western and southern territories, and most of its logging and hunting is done in the areas in and around the Elderwood. Additionally, there's a small mining industry in the areas around the southern reaches of the Cenliath Mountains.

Trade & Transport

Trade with other nations is mostly done through the settlements along the border,  although there is some naval trade along the Nordunr river. Ulfgard also has a network of dirt and cobblestone roads connecting the various settlements to one another.


All Ulfgardians are educated in schools local to their area,the size of which depends on the size of the community. Education begins at 6 and ends around 17 or 18, with subjects including history, literature, and mathematics. Additionally, Ulfgardians can pursue higher education at universities, though there are fewer of these in Ulfgard compared to the other human kingdoms, resulting in many Ulfgardians studying abroad.
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Government System
Monarchy, Constitutional
Economic System
Market economy
Like many of the major nations of Taeva, the nation of Ulfgard uses the currency of Royals.
Major Exports
Due to their proximity to the Elderwood, Ulfgard is one of the largest suppliers of Faewood among the human kingdoms.
Legislative Body
The Ulfgardian King is responsible for the creation and changing of laws, with the aid of their lords.
Judicial Body
It's the responsibility of the regional lords to uphold the law in their lands.
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations
Related Species
Related Ethnicities

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